10 Tips to Create an Effective Facebook Video Ad

10 Tips to Create an Effective Facebook Video Ad

by Manish Singh

You will agree with me that Facebook has become a household name and scrolling through it is a routine that you can’t keep at bay sometimes. Facebook has, since its inception, been ranked among the most powerful platforms for advertising. But getting started with a Facebook video ad is not a walk in the park as you may tend to imagine. Have you ever gone through your newsfeed and then boom – you come across an amateur video ad? It is common to bump into such videos especially if you spend more of your time on Facebook. When you want to begin your Facebook video ad journey, it’s worth considering starting with a simple tool such as an online video editor to make a promo video.

There’s so much to consider when creating video ads for Facebook. That explains why marketers and brands feel puzzled when heading back to the drawing board to create another ad. An effective video ad made with Filmimpact video transitions will help you catch the attention of the intended recipients, convert the audience, and enlighten them. It will also help you to achieve this and much more. So what are the tips to create an effective Facebook video ad? Read on to find out about them

Know Your Audience

Before you even think of creating the video, it’s better to know who your audience is. If for instance, you are creating a video ad for children, you should add more colors. It will be totally different when creating one for adults.

Further, knowing your audience helps you know the gender, age among other crucial details that you can’t afford to overlook. The online video editor will greatly assist you to edit your video faster without technical hitches. In addition to that, if you don’t have media, you are free to choose from its massive library of music and stunning videos. With this, you are sure to get your great Facebook video ad out in no time.

Uphold Quality

Videos autoplay on the newsfeed, whether it’s on a desktop or mobile, and you have a very short time to convince your audience to watch your ad. With this in mind, trim your video and delete your animated logo in case you have it. This is if you want to engage your audience immediately. You will need an online video editor to help you cut out what you don’t need. This is to ensure you have a short intro that will capture the attention of your audience.

Convey a Single Message

Your Facebook video ad should convey a single message that is clear to the audience. Videos attract attention to a greater extent, most probably because humans are visual beings. Take advantage of this and start giving more information about your service, team, or product. You can choose to focus on the testimony of a client. Or something that your audience continuously struggles with, or a demonstration of your product. As you can see, the power you want your video ad to achieve lies within you.

Ensure Your Video Is Short

Do not forget how easy it is to skip a video ad. This alone should motivate you to create short videos. You need to use little time to pass your message across. A short message makes sense with a short video. Who will want to watch a long video anyway? Just make sure you retain the attention of the audience with each passing second.

Timely Display Your Brand or Product Message

If your ads have the message in the first few seconds, it will probably reach a bigger audience compared to those that have their message towards the end. Most likely the audience will get the message before skipping to the next ad.

Omit Sound

When creating your Facebook video ad, you can make use of the online video editor to remove the sound from the advert so that you post it without sound. A lot of people log in to Facebook using their phones, whether in church, meetings, or when rocking a baby to sleep and when your advert starts with sound, your audience may skip it because they may not be having headphones. The message in the video should be clear enough to pass the message visually.

Include a Call to Action

For the ad to be effective, it should be able to yield results. These include an increase in inquiries and purchases or the number of subscribers to your newsletter, clicks to check your website, and several other things.

Optimize Video for Mobile Using an Online Video Editor

When coming up with the video ad, bear in mind that a lot of people will use their smartphones to watch the videos and not desktops. An online video editor comes in handy especially in ensuring you adjust your video vertically because that is the best way to view the video on a smartphone.

Connect on an Emotional Level

You may have realized that people connect best with emotional content. For your video ad to be effective, you can select media that conveys emotions from the wide variety of media contained in the online video editor. You will still have a choice to upload in case you don’t find the perfect media to accompany your message. This way, you’ll be able to connect with your audience at a more personal level.

Make Use of Headlines

When you see a headline, chances are that it will create curiosity and you will be interested to find out more. You can’t deny that this too will work in your video ad, especially if it’s a catchy headline. The last thing your viewers can do is to skip a headline that makes them curious.

Final Thoughts

You have the answer. Just remember some of the key things mentioned and you will enjoy creating your video ad. You should not be intimidated by the Facebook video ads that you see anymore, because you can now come up with your own ones. This has been made easier with the online video editor which not only is fast and convenient but also can post your video automatically on Facebook. You can do this right after editing to save yourself from downloading and uploading manually. Now you have no more excuses for poor Facebook video ads, not when you have all this information.

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