12 Home Decor Ideas to Increase the Festive Energy in Your Home

12 Home Decor Ideas to Increase the Festive Energy in Your Home

by Manish Singh

The holiday season is approaching and you know what that means. It’s time to get your home ready for the festive energy! Stores are already filled with Diwali decorations, but you can also go creative in other ways. This year, why not give your home a festive makeover with some elegant house painting and vibrant looks. Here are 12 simple yet effective decor ideas to help you achieve this with minimal fuss.

  1. Use stencil painting

Stencils are the best way to add a unique home decor. They are very easy to apply with the right paint and tools. There are a plethora of options for colours and prints according to your taste. End number of customizations available.

Festive house painting designs and colours that can truly brighten your home!

  1. Power of textures

Textures can give a subtle but extraordinary look to your space. Bold as well as simple textures are available that can create their own unique vibe. They add a sensational touch to your space making it more comfortable for you and your guests.

  1. Floral additions

Flowers are always perfect for a special occasion. If you are not getting real flowers, there are many ways that you can embrace the colours and designs of nature. You can use stencil arts and wall arts. You can even get some wallpapers with fresh floral prints.

  1. Switch on the lights

By this, we don’t mean the old regular lights. You can add real glamour and festive energy with proper lights to your space. Whether you get a chandelier or a bunch of fairy lights, your room can get an instant glow up without any effort.

  1. Get a new lampshade

If you are into lamps, try to get some new lampshades. You can get a plethora of designs including colours and shapes. Brand new and fresh, they will add a real festive energy to your space.

  1. Window treatments

Changing the curtains is almost essential with every season. For the festive season, you can get brand new colours and prints. They also add new textures to your space and breathe life instantly to your room.

  1. Paintings and wall art

Jazz up your space with your favourite paintings and frames. They give an artsy feel to your space that is also very classy and elegant. Brand new wall art can be installed but be careful that it represents something that you strongly believe in.

Exclusive bedroom paint colours to get a rich and comforting vibe for your and your guests.

  1. Get a wallpaper

New wallpaper is a wonderful way to revamp your space with minimum effort. A range of prints and colours are available. You can go ethnic or abstract. Modern wallpapers are very easy to apply without damaging your walls.

  1. A brand new rug

Getting a new carpet or rug can give a cozy feeling to your space. Rugs add a textural aesthetic to the space. You can get colourful rugs or something with super-soft material on which your feets can relax.

  1. Create a gallery wall

You can create a lovely accent wall by hanging all your photo frames or paintings on one wall. This will create an amazing gallery wall that can evoke your unique personality and also make your space special. Alternatively, you can also use mirrors and abstract art frames to give a modern, eclectic vibe.

  1. Paint the floors

Floors are often underestimated as part of the home decor but they can truly transform the space. Paint your floors with a new shade that is bright but also gives a sense of stability. You can get marble coverings or wooden, to get a brand new texture as well.

  1. Floor seatings

For your festive gatherings, arranging a floor seating would be the best way for a greater sense of intimacy and fun. You can arrange your couch, pillows and rugs to create a cosy circle. The best way to ensure everyone is comfortable!

We hope these ideas are sure to cheer up your space this festive season. So, gear up and get beautiful!

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