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1337x Torrent Proxy list Unblocked [100% Working] – Search Engine, Magnet, Free Movies Download, library

by Ella Wheeler

1337x is the perfect torrent search engine platform for serving users using the internet with proxies to download Movies, Games, TV shows,  Softwares & PC Apps With Magnet links. We can open all 1337x.to torrent movie downloads with the help of Bit Torrent protocol. Torrent sites has been blocked in many other countries by their ISP’s, so we are giving many solutions to access those sites.

What’s is 1337x search engine?

1337x Search engine comes within the top 10 greatest movies download torrent sites. We can additionally use it from the 1337x.to, 1337 x movies, unblock 1337 x website. This can be a nationwide website that we are able to get even the Telugu, Hindi, English, Hollywood, Bollywood and the Marathi movies. The lack of appropriate bandwidth is one more reason for concern in some countries, given the big variety of new internet customers recognized yearly on the web.

We can additionally use the 1337x Proxy list to Download  Hindi Movies from Internet service suppliers (ISP), here transmission fee is expensive. Most customers use the 1337x  torrent sites to download music, movies, pictures, and software programs and many others.

1337x Torrent Proxy list, Search Engine, Magnet, Free Movies Download

1337x Torrent Proxy list, Search Engine, Magnet, Free Movies Download

1337x blocked or unblocked

Is 1337x blocked? Can’t enter 1337x? Are you looking for some superb and likewise working 1337x Proxy/Mirror Websites? In case your reply is sure to be one among these questions, you are at the most effective place at the moment.

There are quite a few alternative options to entry 1337x.to the site even within the international locations whereby the site is banned by the authorities. Among the finest methods is to make use of the VPN servers and third party proxy sites online.  With VPN you will always be able to access any site. After all, with this unblocker of sites, you will get any desired information.

In case you are accessing the online then, you positively require a protected and safe connection for utilizing the torrents. Even when the ISPs or the Authorities ban the torrent websites, we’re right here that can assist you in accessing them proper out of your PC. As a result of some server entry points and issues, folks may face points in accessing the 1337 x site. It doesn’t point out that the site or the torrent has been blocked.

 How to Unblock 1337x movies?

I’m going to give you simple methods to unblock 1337x.to & 1337x.tw with the given below steps.

  1. First you should copy & paste the URL  (http://1337x.to/) in chrome browser.
  2. Then you will see the text “The URL has been blocked as per the instructions “.

    1337x blocked

    1337x Blocked

  3. Now you should search for “Browsec VPN for Chrome” or “Browsec VPN for Mozilla FireFox“.
  4. Then download & Install it according your browser.
  5. Then Select the free country in the VPN otherwise it will be charged.

    Browsec VPN

    Select the free country in the Browsec VPN

  6. Now just again paste the URL  (http://1337x.to/) and enter or reload it.
  7. There you can  unblock 1337x.to1337x unblocked with browsec VPN

Use Best VPN’s With 1337x Proxy Sites

As we all know that the content from 1337x may be blocked in some jurisdictions due to copyright infringement.  There may be few files that are geo-restricted in the sense that it is legal only in the country of production for example TV shows and movies. Due to which the users may face some trouble. Hence it is safe to download movies using VPNs.

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is an application that encrypts the data by creating a safety tunnel on your network, which helps in hiding the IP address and other details fed by your system while surfing.  

This creates a virtual tunnel for your content and hides your IP address  and safely passes through the tunnel. Hence your information is hidden from censorship and surveillance. The content which is downloaded or shared by you will be encrypted and rerouted to remote servers which are provided by your VPN company, instead of routing through your Internet Service Provider and connecting your requests to the Internet pages.

VPNs are very popular due to their unblocking capabilities. You can enjoy downloading the content in the form of sites, films, series, documentaries, songs, software, and books that may not be available in your place.

As we all know that 1337x is banned in many countries, there is a risk for the users who access these websites for downloading and watching them online. They may be facing penalties in the countries where piracy is banned. Hence it is safe to use VPN to access these sites. As  Virtual Private Network uses a different network hence your identity is hidden and you will not be caught while downloading the movies from illegal websites. It is always better to download movies through VPN, VPN provides a strong network for you to download the content fast.

You have a few VPN which is available in the market to name a few we have

One of the best VPN for 1337x is TorGuard. TorGuard is very fast and has no limit on the bandwidth or server switching. It has all the security features which are required (DNS leak protection), it manages about 3000 servers around 55 nations in the globe. It has all features of l337x torrent and allows unrestricted P2P activity as well.

With TorGuard you can connect up to five devices at the same time, It is highly compatible with most VPN routers. The service provided by TorGuard is very good it includes live chat, manuals, tutorials, guides, and videos.

1337x Proxy Sites list 2021 [100% Working]

  1. 1337x Proxy 1
  2. 1337x Proxy 2
  3. 1337x Proxy 3
  4. 1337x Proxy 4
  5. 1337x Proxy 5
  6. 1337x Proxy 6
  7. 1337x Proxy 7
  8. 1337x Proxy 8

These 1337x proxy websites are maintained on completely different domains and will probably be operated by official sites or other torrent freaks. 1337x Proxy/Mirror site appears to be similar to the unique site and you may browse nearly the identical content material from it.

1337x Proxy Mirror Sites list 2021

1337x Proxy Mirror Sites list

1337x Proxy Mirror Sites list

Here is the Current Working URLs of 1337x most of them are the mirror websites and a few are Proxies or Unlocked Model websites.

  1. https://1337x.unblockninja.com/ – 1337x Mirror Site 1
  2. https://1337x.unblockit.ltd/ – 1337x Mirror Site 2
  3. https://1337x.buzz/ – 1337x Mirror Site 3
  4. https://x1337x.eu/ – 1337x Mirror Site 4
  5. https://1337x.is/ –  1337X Mirror Site 5

There are some different domains as similar like 1337x. 1337.x, 1377x.com, 1337.x.to, 1337x.io, 137x, 13337x, 13777x, 1773x, 1333x, 1237x &, and many others you too can attempt to sort these domains on Google to search out the working one. Will hold updating the above list with working URLs each week.

1337x Torrent Alternatives

There are many alternatives of 1337x which you can use instead of 1337x.to which we are suggesting you to try and use in your need. Hence 1337x cannot be directly accessed now. The users can still access these sites by using the alternative sites. 

1337x Alternatives

Best Alternatives of 1337x

1. The Pirate Bay – Popular 1337x Torrent alternative

A group of Swedish individuals in 2003 founded The Pirate Bay. Pirate bay is a torrent site that provides a list of magnet links and torrent files that allow the users to search and download or peer to peer file sharing using a BitTorrent. The users have to install a BitTorrent before they can download any files which are available through magnet links on the Pirate Proxy. The Magnet links contain the required information for the BitTorrent client to download the chosen torrent files with the help of trackers and the DHT network.

thepiratebay torrent proxy

2. Torrent Downloads – Best Torrent Website

Torrent Downloads

This is by far the most popular site for TorrentDownloads. It has an awesome interface as well as an impressive collection of downloads. They have a good collection in categories ranging from Movies, TV Shows, Web Series to Softwares, Video Games and eBooks. Torrent users prefer to visit this site for any niche content they are searching for.  As additional security, all the contents on this site are 100% verified content. Therefore elimination dating the fear of being infected by a virus or any type of malware attacking your device.  They also have a Google+ Handle where you can stay updated with the latest features and any communications coming from TorrentDownloads first hand. 

3. Lime torrents – Popular 1337x Torrent alternative

Lime torrents

Lime torrent is another alternative to 1337X. It is an extremely aggressive browser hijacker which not only forces notifications and pop-ups on you but will also redirect the internet traffic to shady sites. Lime torrent is banned by Google and yahoo due it spamming activities. Due to which the founder of this site gave multiple other similar sites.

They are two main goals of Limetorrent.info, one is to make money and the other is to promote the Limetorrent site which is one of the main competitors of the pirate bay. The users who download free movies and software from Limetorrent may sometimes find that their devices have been infected with malware.

It is noted that the lime torrent will be sharing profits on a successful cyberattack which are shared between the malware provider and the one who was able to successfully infect a victim’s computer(s). Knowing how dangerous and annoying the Limetorrent.info malware is, you should get it removed at the earliest if you suspect that your computer has been infected.

4. RARBG – Biggest 1337x Alternative

RARBG torrents is one great torrent website where you can download films, movies, TV series, games, applications and song. The quality of content is very good. You can easily download any picture or video game from any torrent websites free of charge. The RARBG torrent are user-friendly, which have made RARBG one of the favorite torrent websites for many users. It has become one of the best platform for downloading movies among many people.

This is one of the reliable site where you get a quality torrent with assurance that there are no malicious applications. This torrent is very popular among experienced and casual users due to its simplicity and inherent interface. Due to ban in some countries on this site few users are facing problems from downloading the torrent file from this site. The users need not be disappoint as they can use the proxy for this site and download the content.

5. TORLOCK: Best site for Application Download

TORLOCK Proxy torrents

Torlock has an extraordinary collection of most recent and some classic Movies, TV, Games, eBooks, software that are available for the users to download. Apart from this it also has programming projects and films in its library. This site is also banned or restricted by many ISPs limiting the access to Torlock and hindering user from download the files.

6. AM/YTS.AG: – Best 1337x alternative for movies

YTS Movies

This website is a copy of the original YIFY torrents. The original EZTV website parent company is also behind this website, making it not a preferred choice by many users, in fact some users stay completely clear from this site.
There has been some public communication from the company to clarify the allegations on TorrentFreak that they are the original YTS that went offline. It is still unclear if the two sites or same or the users are just being misinformed. However, the list go and design are very similar and very difficult to say them apart. To make things worse there are many YTS.ag / YTS copycat sites claiming to be the real YTS YIFY site.

7. ETTV Torrents – Torrent site to use when 1337x.to isn’t working

ETTV Torrents

This site was launched in 2017 by a group of prominent uploading users after ExtraTorrent site was shut down. In fact the site name ETTV itself used to be the name of a prominent upload group along with few others groups on ExtraTorrent. They have carried the group name to form the website to let the old loyal users to identify them. This site is more specifically relevant for movie downloads.

After the original ExtraTorrent stopped its operations, the various torrent upload groups tried to continue with other sites like The Pirate Bay and 1337x, the until they eventually created their own site. They launched their own mode ated site ettvdl.com to cater to ETTV fans.

When they started realising that their site was blocked in many European countries and other Asia Pacific countries, they have set up few proxies and mirrors to by pass the blocks. This has also unfortunately led to few imitation sites trying to confuse the users.

8. TorrentZ2 – Best 1337x Alternative

TorrentZ2 Movies

TorrentZ2.eu was originated in Finland(Europe) in the year 2014. Due to its illegal content upload the website was pulled down, after 2 years it was indexed on the search engine in the 2016 to 2018 and was working due to DMCA it went down in the search engine.

Finding a website from torrent is very tricky. But still people find it to be the best way to download the content. Very often the Government blocks these sites, so don’t be worried if the website is not accessible in your region. You have many private torrent search websites, but you cannot fairy rank them on the search engine unless you are a member.

Use VPNs or proxy website to access the blocked site,or else you may be lost or get confused with different torrent websites on the internet. Be very carefully while choose you website as you may be hacked.

9. Torrent galaxy

Torrent galaxy

TorrentGalaxy (TGx) is created by the former members of Extra torrent which was shut down. This torrent site is to download movies, TV shows, music, games and more download. This comes with an advanced feature IMDB torrent search, next to it’s most import feature, a torrent search. The users can find movies or TV shows just by putting it’s IMDB ID in TorrentGalaxy’s search box. This will result in a list of all torrents related to this IMDB item. TorrentGalaxy also helps in excluding porn results for both guests and members. TorrentGalaxy has been rated first for the arcade games.

The TorrentGalaxy team are aiming to deliver the best user experience by offering safe clean content. They have a large selection of trusted uploaders offering a wide variety of choice in many categories which suits the customer needs. TorrentGalaxy are always ready to get the best selection of movies and Tv shows to avail the entertainment to you for 365 days of the year.

10. Nyaa.si – Torrent Directory, Magnet links provider

Nyaa Torrents

This website is very famous in East Asian region, as the focus of this website is to provide Anime classics. Hence is very popular in Japan, china and Korea. This site was banned in 2017, in spite of this many users still use this website for download. Nyaa is very popular among Anime fans, as it provides the links to download the library of Anime shows’ episodes. This website provides episodes of almost every anime show to its users.

Apart from Anime episodes, Nyaa provides torrents for Manga and for different types of games and action movies. Like any other website this site, is also blocked due to its content from many countries. The users cannot access the content directly. There are many proxy and mirror website for the users to access the content .The official staff of Nyaa creates and run the mirror sites. They make sure that the user information is hidden for the government officials.

11. EZTV Torrent Movies & Softwares Dowanload

EZTV Torrents Download

EZTV was founded in May 2005 by a TV torrent distribution group, it was dissolved in April 2015, as their domain was taken over and branded by “EZCLOUD LIMITED”. It become very popular very fast as the site was most visited for TV shows.

This site provides the latest Tv shows and anime series for many years for its users. It is very famous for downloading TV series from internet fo free. The users are having issues to find an alternate site. EZTV is improving day by day by improving the UI, updating the features and uploading new torrents.

The user may be facing to download the content as it may be blocked by certain countries due copy right infringement . In such cases you can download the content using proxy/mirror sites

12. TorrentFunk – Best Torrent Games Download

TorrentFunk Movies Torrents

This torrent is one of the best torrent to download movies, TV series, Games, Music, software and ebooks.The user interface and route are easy acceptable which heps in discovery the documents with any issues. Very often the assortment is been refreshed.

The content can be be downloaded very fast. Torrent funk gives best VPN that are protect to download. Due to its rapid use TorrentFunk refreshes it site with most recent VPN. Due to the policies many countries may block these sites. It can unblock the sites by using the proxies or mirror site to access TorrentFunk.


1. How to Download Movies from 1337x.to/ 1337 Torrent Magnet?

If you wish to know methods to download torrent file from 1337x then see the steps below:

  • First, we have to download a torrent downloader app on your devices. Search for “Bit Torrent” on Google or the official app store of your gadget and install it.
  • Now, open an internet browser and go to the search bar and search “1337x.to” and hit enter on it.
  • Now sort “Movies” or something you wish to search and download. Be sure to write the right spelling for the stuff you are searching for.
  • Now, find the file you wish to download from the search outcome and click on it.
  • Click on the “Download Torrent” option and the file will probably be downloaded to your device. Nonetheless, it’s higher to make use of the “1337 Torrent Magnet download” possibility.
  • Click on “Magnet Hyperlink” possibility and Bit Torrent will automatically detect the file and can ask your permission to download it.

Your file will quickly be put in your gadget. Take pleasure in downloading your favourite film, course, TV shows present or some other file with 1337x.

2. Is it legal  to Download HD Movies from 1337X?

The content available in 1337x Movie is illegal. Due to copyright infringement 1337x may be blocked or banned in some jurisdictions. There may be few files which are geo-restricted which means it is legal only in the region of production for example TV shows and movies.

These Torrents can be easily unblocked by using the proxies/mirror websites of these torrents, hence there is no need to use any software, tools or scripts for unblocking 1337x. You can enjoy downloading/streaming the latest web series, games, Tv shows , movies and softwares even though it is banned in some countries due its copyright policy using these proxies.


For instance, as a result of using a proxy, after we load or download new data on the Cloud, the download is very slow. Please tell us that different torrent websites like TV shows, songs, pc data, apps, and video games might be downloaded, like 1337x movies, and many others.

Piracy has to be understood to be only a consequence of a profoundly outdated distribution mannequin. But piracy nonetheless works for that objective. In spite of everything, why to operate a torrent website if we see that it does not suit the law, you can go to jail, huge fines.

That is clearly as a result of the choice strategy of the house owners of rights is way worse. We hope that you like the article and have got the answer to all your questions.

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