3 Celebrity Handbags That Are Setting the Trend

3 Celebrity Handbags That Are Setting the Trend

by Bryn Fest

There’s a long history of celebrities and designer handbags.

Take the Hermes’ Kelly bag, for example. The Kelly handbag was named after Princess Grace of Monaco after she fell in love with the style on the film set for the Hitchcock classic To Catch a Thief.

But in 2022, which bags are making their way into the style section of magazines and celebrity gossip columns? Well, here are three of the most stylish celebrity handbags around at the moment.

1. Burberry (Olympia)

Burberry is a brand behind some of the most popular celebrity handbags.

Victoria Beckham used to drape a Burberry Beaton handbag over her forearm, as did Cameron Diaz and Khloe Kardashian. Beyonce, meanwhile, adores the ultra-cool Burberry bowling bag.

Photographers have recently caught sight of celebrities carrying the small Burberry Olympia handbag style. Most notably, the model Irina Shayk. This leather bag is minimal and functional.

It’s a neat semicircle shape designed by Burberry as a crossbody bag that fits neatly under the arm. In photographs, however, Irina often wears it as a clutch bag.

The standard bag comes with a leather strap. Though some celebrities have worn it featuring a metallic chain instead for added glitz.

Burberry selected the name Olympia as a reference to ancient Greece. It reflects the bag’s clean round lines and the Burberry brand’s high-quality craftwork.

2. Fendi (Peekaboo)

The rather cute Fendi Peekaboo bag is a firm favorite for many celebrities. Fans include Olivia Palermo, Meghan Markle, and Rhianna.

This handbag is a traditional vintage tote style, with a structured, angular finish crafted in leather. The name reflects the neat, metal clasp that sits at the top of the bag, designed initially using inspiration from padlocks.

The Fendi brand is also popular with men. They offer a male Peekaboo bag that showcases a similar style to the more traditional briefcase.

If you want to stretch your budget, you can color-coordinate your Fendi bags with your outfits, as they come in a wide range of colors.

That includes bright and vibrant blues and oranges, as well as the more conservative monochrome shades—checkout these Fendi bags to find your perfect affordable celebrity handbags.

3. Celine (Triomphe)

Lastly, we move on to the classic shoulder bag. And one that’s hugely popular with celebrities and the wealthy jet-setting crowd is Celine’s Triomphe.

This rectangle leather bag is small and chic, with a glamorous chain instead of a leather handle. And it’s easy to spot this bag in a crowd due to the signature Celine logo on the side clasp.

The Celine design and manufacturing team constructs these bags using the highest quality fabric, including calfskin, canvas, lizard, and shearling.

Celebrity fans of the Parisian chic of a Triomphe bag include Kaia Gerber and Diana Silvers.

Three Celebrity Handbags: Which is Your Favorite? 

So, which of these celebrity handbags makes it to the top of your wish list? Do you love the chic Celine, the adorable Fendi, or the simplicity of the Burberry?  It’s time to start saving to get a statement handbag in your wardrobe this season!

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