3 Ceylon Tea Types Best for Iced Tea and Their Perfect Food Pair

3 Ceylon Tea Types Best for Iced Tea and Their Perfect Food Pair

by Manish Singh

There is just something about the malty and nutty flavor that comes with a cup of Ceylon beverage. If you can manage to appropriately pair with your cup of Ceylon beverage with the perfect food, you will enjoy an explosion of flavors in your mouth because it is nothing short of delicious!

A good place to start with the food pairings would be savory dishes. This is because you can never go wrong with these food combinations. You can always head to an online tea and coffee shop and order your Ceylon tea online. The best thing about the flavors in Ceylon beverage is not too overpowering. Therefore, you can enjoy your cup in a variety of ways, including iced tea. In this post, you will get to learn about some of the best food pairings to consider. Continue reading.

1. Iced black Ceylon cup with lasagna

To achieve the best iced Ceylon beverage taste, you can just prepare your cup as you would any other iced beverage. To this, go ahead and add a touch for a unique flavor. Furthermore, you can use homemade milk to prepare your cup if you want to taste something a little more adventurous. Just add milk and fructose or sugar to your drunk, then throw in some ice cubes.

The taste of paring your lasagna with iced tea is such a culinary delight. The creamy tomato taste, combined with pasta and cheese, then washed down with your glass of iced Ceylon beverage, is heavenly. You will not only enjoy how your cup of tea cuts the richness of your delicious lasagna, giving your palate a renewed and fresh cleanse like no other. Furthermore, it is only worth mentioning that it pairs incredibly well with both meat and vegetarian lovers of lasagna.

2. Iced green Ceylon tea with BBQ ribs

To get the best taste out of this pairing, you should consider adding a touch of lemon and honey to your cup of iced green Ceylon beverage. For the best results, make sure that you chill your cup to perfection. Furthermore, ensure that you don’t brew your tea for more than ten minutes. This is especially advisable when you use tea bags rather than loose leaf tea.

If you brew your cup for more than ten minutes, you won’t particularly like the bitter taste it will have. Also, it only just overbears your cup. However, the same also works when using loose leaf tea.

When you pair your cup with BBQ ribs, especially during the hot summer’s sun, you will love how your tea complements all the BBQ ribs flavors. At the same time, you will love how it doesn’t overpower your taste buds. It is also an ideal palate cleanser as you prepare to take another bite of your BBQ ribs.

3. Infused black Ceylon with ginger root and peach paired with grilled cheese sandwich

There is no one right way to prepare this cup. Therefore, it is up to you to choose what works best for you during the preparation stage. Whichever way you choose to prepare your cup of tea, you will love how it goes well with a grilled cheese sandwich.

The savory flavors in the dish complement uniquely well with your iced tea. There is a peculiar richness in the drink that when you choose to pair with that buttery bread texture, you realize how perfect the two blends. You can also consider going for a hot cup of tea because they will blend well. Keep in mind that you can experiment with these pair how you please, especially with seasonings, bread and various cheeses.

4. Pure Ceylon beverage iced tea with rich dark chocolate cake

A pure cup of Ceylon beverage remains a popular pick among many tea drinkers, especially when preparing iced teas. Inasmuch as you can choose to throw in other flavors, its purest form is what is great to pair with a side plate of rich dark chocolate cake. You may find the idea weird at first, but you wait until you have a taste of this culinary ingenuity. Also, you can easily pair your tea with any variation of the rich, dark chocolate cake. You will find each bit heavenly.


Inasmuch as these are our top picks for iced tea and food pairings, you can go out of your way and experiment with other savory dishes of your choice. In simple terms, the pairing capabilities are endless.

Even as you continue experimenting, always ensure that the flavors of the tea don’t overpower the food’s flavors because it is meant to enhance rather than overpower. Therefore, if you notice the combination tastes worse or different, you can always try it with other dishes.

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