3 Ideas for a Fabulous Christmas Holiday

3 Ideas for a Fabulous Christmas Holiday

by Manish Singh

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most popular holiday, not just in America, but around the world. It easily outranks holidays like Thanksgiving and Halloween. Most people look forward to this single day with bated breath. But sometimes people can get into a holiday rut, going to the same places, doing the same things, eating the same kinds of food every year. If this sounds familiar, read on to get a few ideas about how you can change it up this year.

An Island Holiday

Not everyone is looking for a white Christmas. Especially folks who live in an area that gets freezing cold in the winter. Sometimes the best gift to give yourself during this festive time of the year is to head out to warmer climes.

A Southern Caribbean cruise might be the sunny Christmas your family needs. Cruises are a great way to spend any vacation. You get great food, onboard activities, world-class entertainment plus the thrill of exploring amazing ports of call. But when the winter cold has you chilled to the bone, nothing is quite like a cruise that takes you to some of the most famous beaches in the world. You can spend your holidays visiting locations like Aruba, St. Lucia, Barbados and Martinique.

Small Town Christmas

Are you dreaming of a quaint and traditional small-town Christmas? Consider spending your holiday in Franklin, TN. This charming small town is widely known in Tennessee for holding some of the best festivals year-round, but their Christmas festival is not to be missed.

Named “A Dickens of a Christmas”, Franklin’s Christmas festival couldn’t get more enchanting. The picturesque town square is filled with local craftsmen and artists selling their wares and everywhere you look are townspeople dressed up as Dickens characters. You might run into the Ghost of Christmas Past or Jacob Marley, and of course, the old Amiser Ebenezer Scrooge is sure to make an appearance. Along with costumed street performers, you’ll enjoy traditional Christmas food and drink like hot chestnuts and wassail and be entertained by strolling carolers and groups of bell ringers playing traditional Christmas songs.

As an added plus, you can also hop in the car and be in the city of Nashville in 30 minutes or less. You can enjoy the amazing Christmas lights display at the Opryland Resort and Hotel and pop in for the annual display of “Ice” where you can bundle up and stroll through a hall of Christmas-themed ice sculptures.

Big City Christmas

If spending the holidays bathed in the lights of the big city appeals to you, there is perhaps no other city in the country that does Christmas better than New York. Obviously, shopping doesn’t get any better than the Big Apple during the holidays. Visiting the iconic toy store FAO Shwartz when it is decked out for Christmas is like stepping back in time. Even if you don’t buy a thing, taking in the world-renowned window displays at stores such as Macy’s and Lord and Taylors is a must-do during the holidays.

You can see world-class performances of The Nutcracker performed by the New York City Ballet, or watch Radio City’s annual Christmas Spectacular. You can go ice skating at Rockefeller Plaza and view the world-famous Rockefeller Christmas tree. And the Christmas market at Bryant Square is not to be missed.

Of course, all of New York’s year-round attractions are waiting to be enjoyed as well. Don’t leave this magnificent city without catching at least one Broadway show. Make the time to bundle up and take a stroll through Central Park which takes on an otherworldly beauty during the winter.

Christmas is a great time to take a vacation and celebrate the season doing something new. Try a sunny holiday, travel to a quaint small town or take advantage of all the activities to be had in a large city. And wherever you go, be sure to take the people you love with you.

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