365 Days (2020) – Download English Subtitles

by Shabaz

Laura and Massimo spend some time apart but before they go their separate ways, Laura wants to tell him about her “no strings attached” proposal. This means that if he doesn’t ask her to marry him on the cruise or he doesn’t ask her out for a romantic dinner, then there will be no strings attached and she will have given herself 365 days to just be together. Laura knows that she can’t use this time away from him the way she used to when they were together in Italy but she also knows that she loves him. She is hoping that one day he will call her again and propose to her as a result of this unique Valentine’s Day experience.

Language English
Released Date 7 February 2020
Duration 114minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

365 days 2020 subtitles

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