3D Printer Designs: Top Sites to Download Free 3D Printing STL Files

3D Printer Designs: Top Sites to Download Free 3D Printing STL Files

by Bryn Fest

If you have a 3D printer, or you’ve ever worked with one, you know these machines are incredible pieces of technology.

All it takes is a downloadable 3D printer design to start printing whatever objects or parts you need right at home. The most common file for 3D printer designs is the STL format, and the remarkable thing is there are plenty of free STL files for 3D printing available on the internet.

These 3D printer models include everything from jewelry designs to bikes and complex machine parts. Fortunately, we’ve done the legwork for you, and found some of the top sites to find free STL models. So check out our list to start downloading 3D printer designs for free.

1. Free3D

Free3D is a great marketplace to find a variety of 3D printer designs. There are many OBJ files in addition to STL formats, but both work equally well. Free3D offers different categories, such as vehicles, electronics, or architecture, so you’re virtually guaranteed to find whatever you need.

2. Cults

Cults happens to be one of the pioneering websites when it comes to free 3D printer models. Like Free3D, Cults is an extensive marketplace containing thousands of 3D printing designs in many different categories. Best of all, Cults doubles as a community forum, where people can share ideas and files, and talk about everything 3D printing.

3. MyMiniFactory

You can’t go wrong with MyMiniFactory. This digital marketplace has a mission to foster the work of 3D designers, and allows them to freely share their work online. The site has tons of free STL files for 3D printing, and they’re all tested and vetted by members of the community.

4. Pinshape

Pinshape is an extensive online 3D printing community, providing a space where over 70,000 designers and manufactures can publish their 3D printer designs. That includes a large assortment of free STL models and files, as well as paid premium files for the more discriminating.

Plus, Pinshape has a wide array of articles and helpful guides on tech topics, covering everything from 3D printing technology to how to remove background fill from images. This makes it a great resource for beginners and old hands alike.

5. Sketchfab

Sketchfab has been around for a decade, and is known for its handy 3D model viewer. Sketchfab also supports many different types of 3D printing designs, and even has a section where community members can rate and download various 3D models.

6. Thingiverse

Finally, we come to the Thingiverse site, which is one of the older platforms. Thingiverse is owned by Makerbot, a 3D printer manufacturer, and it boasts one of the largest collections of free STL files for download—with over 1.7 million files. If there’s a 3D printer design you need, it’s likely you’ll find it on Thingiverse.

Download the Best 3D Printer Designs On the Web 

You don’t have to break the bank to make the most of your 3D printer. There are plenty of websites out there that host excellent free 3D printer designs—so get out there and start exploring.

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