4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane

4 Common Misconceptions Regarding Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane

by Manish Singh

Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, is geographically situated on Australia’s eastern coast. The city is located in the Moreton Bay Floodplain and is bordered by Caboolture to the north, Beenleigh to the south, and Ipswich to the west. Brisbane is the country’s third-largest city with a total land area of nearly 16,000 square kilometres.

Brisbane is one of the most livable cities in Australia because of its high standard of living and advanced market economy. Brisbane is known for its bustling business sector and exceptional healthcare services, such as partial denture implants.

However, despite the advantages of getting partial denture implants in Brisbane, there are still individuals who hesitate in acquiring this service because of some false beliefs. Here are the four common misconceptions regarding them:

  1. Partial Denture Implants Don’t Last That Long

A common misconception regarding partial denture implants is that they won’t last long and would need to be replaced regularly. However, this is not true. This is because the longevity of partial denture implants differs based on the quality of materials used in making them.

If the components of the denture implants are made from high-quality materials, they are guaranteed to last for a longer period, and would only need replacement every 6-8 years. Partial denture implants are made with high-quality materials, such as acrylic resin, which is why you can never go wrong in choosing them.

  1. Partial Denture Implants are Expensive in Brisbane

It is no secret that Brisbane is one of the most expensive cities in Australia because of its high cost of living. The majority of goods and services in the city have a hefty price tag compared to neighbouring cities and other places in Australia. This is why it is no surprise that some people think that going to a clinic for partial denture implants in Brisbane are expensive, which is actually not the case.

Compared to other healthcare services in Brisbane, the application of partial denture implants are relatively inexpensive. Also, thanks to advancements in medical technology and dental manufacturing, they have become even more affordable than before.

  1. Only the Elderly Should Get Partial Denture Implants

Around 20% of the Brisbane population is composed of elderly individuals above the age of 60. These individuals are prone to dental health conditions that may require partial denture implants.

Contrary to popular belief, partial dentures implants are not only for the elderly inhabitants of Brisbane but for the general population as well. According to Queensland Health, individuals missing a tooth or multiple teeth can be candidates for this type of denture implants.

  1. You Should Not Get Partial Denture Implants in Brisbane

Some individuals think that it is unsafe to get partial denture implants done in Brisbane because of poor quality service. This is far from the truth. Brisbane takes pride in its exceptional healthcare system, which is why dental services are well-regulated by the authorities. Dental services cannot be offered by individuals who are not licensed and qualified.

It is always preferable to get dental services in Brisbane because experts and competent professionals do them here. You rest assured that these dental professionals have undergone specialized training and have acquired the appropriate licenses to do their dental practice in Brisbane.


 If you have been suffering from dental problems, such as missing teeth, don’t let these misconceptions hinder you from getting partial denture implants in Brisbane. Check out a reputable and reliable dental service today, and experience the benefits and advantages of having the implant!

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