4 Essential HR Solutions for Your Small Business

4 Essential HR Solutions for Your Small Business

by Bryn Fest


Did you know that 59 percent of businesses in the United States of America are outsourcing their HR solutions? There are many benefits of HR solutions for small businesses and large businesses alike. Running a business and staying within the employment laws of the United States is a lot to handle, but hiring HR business solutions will let you focus your energy on growing your brand.

A business is only as good as the sum of its parts, and finding HR sources and solutions will allow you to have a strong work environment and the best employees possible. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place to learn all about your best options when it comes to HR solutions for your business.

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What Are HR Solutions?

The first thing that you need to dive into before looking at your HR solutions for small businesses is the HR solutions are and the benefits that they’ll provide for your business. It starts with finding an external part or organization to manage the human resource aspects of your business.

Switching to HR business solutions is more cost-effective than hosting an in-house HR team for most businesses. You can cover the majority of HR issues with things like HR software solutions.

Things like payroll and benefits will get handled by this external HR organization, as will recruiting and training for your new employees. They’re also valuable for helping with boosting your workplace safety and risk management.

Best HR Solutions for Your Business

There are a number of great HR solutions out there if you’re trying to get your HR issues solved. These options have different strengths that might make them a better fit than others for your organization. Here is a closer look at your five best options when you’re running a small business.

1. Gusto

Gusto is a great option if you’re looking for HR software solutions for your business. It’s a great fit for startup businesses that are in the early stages of growing and getting off the ground. It’s a great fit because your employees will love it and it will give your administrators great peace of mind.

It’s a great tool for any business that doesn’t have an HR department yet, and it offers the best user experience of all of the HR sources and solutions available in 2022. Implementing the software for this HR solution is quick and easy, even if you aren’t the greatest with technology. It also compliments WorkBright solutions in a beautiful manner.

You’ll also have an easy time handling your payroll thanks to the different features that Gusto offers. It will help you track and manage everything from paid time off to time and attendance at your business.

The only drawback with Gusto is that it doesn’t offer many great features for recruiting new hires at your business. That is something that you’ll need to handle in-house at your business.

2. Namely

Namely is a great option if you’re running a mid-sized business that is in need of some HR sources and solutions. You’ll gain the ability to unify all of the tasks that you require for human resources at your business. The features are designed with mid-sized businesses in mind, so it should be easy to implement if you’re a mid-sized business that doesn’t want to spend on an in-house HR department.

Another important feature that you’re gaining when you decide to get Namely HR software solutions for your business is the ability to run reports that provide a number of useful details for growing your business. It’s perfect if you find that your business is starting to outgrow the previous HR solutions that you’d used when starting out.

You can handle everything from payroll and employee benefits to recruiting and onboarding new employees at your business with Namely. It also provides you with the ability to scale your business with Namely as you grow larger and more successful.

The main drawback to it as an HR solution is that Namely seems quite committed to focusing on the mid-sized business segment of the market. You run the risk of outgrowing it at some point.

3. BambooHR

If you need HR solutions for your small business and you haven’t converted to a paperless business model then you need to take a look at how BambooHR can help. It’s the perfect HR software solution for making your HR modern and ready to tackle 21st-century business problems.

It will also aid you when tax season rolls around since it comes with features for the most complex tax compliance issues that businesses face. You’ll also gain features that make it easy to track applicants that are trying to get work at your growing company.

Bamboo does the basics of HR solutions well, but there are some drawbacks to be aware of. It doesn’t have the same arsenal of features and reports as other options on the market like Namely and Gusto.

4. Zenefits

Zenefits is another great option if you’re shopping for HR solutions for your business. You can run a bunch of different reports that will make running your business easier. You’ll find that your workplace culture and work environment improve thanks to the many features that Zenefits offers.

It uses a platform that is easy to learn and use for your employees, though it takes more time than other options when it comes to getting it up and running. Still, it comes with almost every feature that you’ll need for HR solutions for small businesses.

Take Care of Your HR Solutions Today

Running a business is hard work, and making sure that your payroll is taken care of and you’re bringing in the best talent makes it even more difficult. HR solutions are meant to make your life easier while also providing a cost-effective alternative to an in-house HR department. Gusto and Namely are great options if you need the best HR business solutions in 2022.

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