5 Amazing Tips for Designing a Perfect Kids Room 

5 Amazing Tips for Designing a Perfect Kids Room 

by Manish Singh

Do you want to design a room for kids that grows with them? Although you may have experienced designing bedrooms for yourself, designing a kid’s room requires an entirely different strategy. Although designing for your toddler’s inspires you with fun ideas, you need to think of how the room can accommodate them as they grow.

Create a space for your adorable little one to explore. A child’s room should be functional and something they will enjoy for the years to come. Plan a decorating scheme and choose furnishings carefully. Keep in mind that one of the most crucial pieces in the room is the bed. You might want to check kids beds online for a wide array of choices.

Planning helps you stretch your budget and avoid costly mistakes. Here are some things you might want to consider while designing your kid’s room:

  1. Simplicity is Key 

When it comes to designing a kid’s room, less is more. Keep the décor simple with minimum furnishings. Your child needs plenty of space and a neutral canvas that can be designed as they grow.

Factor in playtime on top of your list. There should be extensive floor space. You may want to opt for a house frame bed which can act as a play area. Browse kids beds online for fun designs for children.

Open shelves provide spaces to display toys and can serve to tie up the room’s theme.

  1. Design  a Kid-Friendly Space 

Make sure the room is safe for children. Try to imagine yourself as an adorable 3 feet toddler who is just beginning to explore the world. Everything should be cozy and pint-sized. Furnishings should match the size of your child. Utilize storage such as low bins and open shelving to make toys easily accessible. It allows your child to navigate the space effortlessly, encourage independent play and helps them become responsible by putting away their toys after playtime.

When you design the elements in the room following your little one’s needs, you can create a space that is cute and functional.

  1. Make Playtime a Priority

To create a room, your little one will enjoy, focus on what they love most, which is playtime. Some exciting accessories you can add in a room is a house frame bed and a ball pit. Combine fun, functionality, and style.

A chalkboard wall is a fun item where your child can display their latest masterpieces. For active children, you can build a rock-climbing wall or a bunk bed with a slide. It will let your child expend all that extra energy to help them relax before bedtime.

  1. Design a Room that Evokes Magic and Fantasy

Kids have a different perspective on the world. They use their imagination every day. Their minds are constantly stirred up by magic and fantasy. Help creates a fantasy environment by investing in a few affordable pieces such as fairy lights and glow-in-the-dark ceiling stick-on stars. It helps create a fairy-like galactic adventures theme. Add touches of magic in the room to delight your child and try to see the world through their eyes.

  1. Make Sure the Bed is Proportional to the Room’s Size.

No matter how comfortable a bed is if it doesn’t fit the room, it will look awkward and might be useless in the end. Measure the size of the room before purchasing a bed. Avoid buying a bed that is too large for the room. Your child needs space around the bed so they can comfortably move around.


Designing a kid’s room is a tricky challenge. It will help if you balance aesthetics with functionality as well as long term usability. A room should accommodate your growing child. If your child is very young or a toddler, stick to the bare essentials. Create a flexible design that can be enhanced later on to factor in your child’s changing tastes and needs.

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