5 Benefits Of Using The Halal Nail Polish

5 Benefits Of Using The Halal Nail Polish

by Manish Singh

Talking about the perfect nail polish, the first things that may come into your mind are the color, the finish, and staying power. But, how about the porosity? Moisture and oxygen are the elements that you avoid during your manicure sessions, as these could create polish bubbles, warping, and peeling nails. However, breathable or halal nail polish will change your perspective on these essential elements for skincare.

This certain type of nail polish is porous, allowing moisture and oxygen to get into your nails without ruining your manicure. Water and air molecules are beneficial to your nail’s health.

The Halal nail polish’s molecular structure lets the microscopic air and water molecules get through, promoting nail health by helping it to maintain its natural integrity, thus minimizing peeling and chipping.

It fights waterlogged nails.

One of the main goals of breathable nail polish is to prevent waterlogged nails. The nail cells contract and expand as they gather and keep moisture that causes the nail polish to peel, split, and chip. The breathable nail polish’s porousness is the best solution to save the nails from this condition.

It is better for your nails.

Your manicurist may probably have advised you to let your nails breathe or allow it to take a break from wearing nail polish for some time before wearing a new one. However, using breathable nail polish will keep your nails more moisturized and hydrated, so your nails will be fine if you wear them all the time.

The chemicals used are less harsh.

All nail polishes have chemical contents; however, the level of content varies. In comparison, polishes and lacquers with 5- or 7- or 9-Free are considered non-toxic and most safe. Meanwhile, Halal nail polishes have lesser chemical content compared to traditional nail polishes and lacquers.

It dries faster

Since oxygen can get through the nail polish, you will have a shorter wait time for it to completely dry.

It stays longer

Breathable polish could stay longer than traditional nail polish as it doesn’t hold oil buildup underneath. This oil buildup can cause the polish to chip since it can’t bind properly with oil on nails. This is the reason why you need to clean the nails with alcohol before applying nail polish.

With halal nail polish, the natural oil on your nail can get through and eventually off your nails, making your manicure more durable.

How to apply breathable nail polish?

Before applying the nail polish, you need to file, buff, and clean your nails with alcohol to wash the natural oils to better bind between nails and polish. You have to apply as you would with traditional types of nail polishes. However, always check the manufacturer’s instructions to make sure that you are applying it right.

If you want something new for your nails, then breathable or Halal nail polishes are worth the try. These nail polishes are completely water-absorbent, breathable, plant-based, and Halal.

With these nail polishes’ benefits for your nails’ health, unlimited color options, and easy application process, this is something that you should try on your next visit to your manicurist.

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