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5 Reasons Why Interchangeable Snow Goggle Lenses are Worth a Try

by Manish Singh

For the past few years, several outdoor sports brands came out with new goggles with interchangeable lenses. It took the goggles game to a whole new level, and most snowboarders and skiers loved the concept and the innovation.

As the majority expected, each of these brands offers its unique features, making the innovation cooler and intuitive. It may sound overrated, but interchangeable lenses for snow goggles are worth the hype.

Here are five reasons why people should start getting their interchangeable magnetic lenses for their next snowboarding trip.

1. It is For All Weather Types

This type of snow goggles makes it very flexible for all seasons and all-weather types. It is the most important reason why people should start using this type of gear. An average snow goggle only comes with a single lens that only fulfils enough protection or vision in a single type of weather. It means the user needs to purchase separate snow goggles for each weather.

One can use different lenses depending on where and how one snowboard or ski in the mountains. Interchangeable lenses for snow goggles can address this concern easily without buying a new pair of goggles.

2. The Easiest Way to Change Lenses

Is there a safer and faster way to change the lenses of snow goggles than a magnetic gripped lens? There is no other out there. This type of snow goggle can easily replace the lens without taking off the goggles. The lens itself will instantly lock into the frame perfectly using the magnets.

On top of that, it is easily removed without cracking or breaking the lens or frame since there are no mechanical connections or attachments to it.

The magnetic flux causes the magnets to stick into the frame tightly to keep the lenses intact and in place, even in very rugged situations.

3. Many Colors to Choose From

Interchangeable lenses are way better than a single-attached lens for a snow goggle considering the user can use multiple colours of lenses to fit with the type of weather they are in. It can match their entire snowboarding outfit. There is no need to purchase a new pair of snow goggles. All it requires is a new lens colour.

4. Anti-fog features

Most outdoor sporting brands made sure that their interchangeable snow goggle lenses have this very important feature — anti-fog, which is very uncommon in low-end snow goggles.

Anti-fog is the best way to reduce the fog that distracts the snowboarder or skier, which can cause an accident while riding the snow. Fog usually builds up because of the moisture around the eyes. The weather can also cause fogging that forms up on the lenses.

5. Highly-Sustainable

People need not buy two or more pairs of snow goggles. They need to purchase a set of interchangeable lenses, which is advantageous, especially for people who are conscious of sustainability. It has a longer lifespan since magnets will not degrade compared to the mechanical fixations of other snow goggles that can break easily. Also, broken lenses can easily be refurbished by purchasing a new one instead of brand-new snow goggles.

These are the five reasons people should remember why they need to start getting their interchangeable magnetic snow goggle lenses. It is an excellent investment for snowboarders and skiers who always prioritise quality and performance.

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