5 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

by Manish Singh

Web design standards, technologies, and business trends change quickly in this modern world. That’s why you need to adapt and renovate your website to maintain its credibility and accessibility as a powerful sales and marketing tool. If not, you will see a significant decrease in traffic, and conversion rate. Your customers will start bouncing away from your competitors as well. In simple words, a poorly designed and outdated website can have a direct impact on the overall online presence of your business.

To help you in this regard, here we have listed some signs your website needs a redesign not only to increase its accessibility and visibility but to stand out among competitors as well.

It Takes so Many Seconds to Loads Properly

Modern consumers expect sites of their favorite brands and businesses to load in less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, they will bounce away for a better option. A slow-loading website not only affects user experience but lower your rankings in search engines as well. Google also ranks fast loading pages higher in search results than pages that take too much time to load. So, check the loading speed of your website in the PageSpeed insight tool as minor issues can be fixed easily. If the issue still exists, consult with a reliable agency like web design Sydney and get a quick website redesign to make it load faster and better than ever before.

It is Hard to Navigate

Navigation can make or break the user experience on your website. It works to let users know where they are standing, where they have been, and where they can find the required details or information. When users face troubles in finding desired stuff on your site immediately, it leads them to confusion, frustration, and website desertion. As a result, you are likely to experience a decrease in conversions and sales. That is the reason, a website redesign can help you make navigation easier and effective. Users will be able to go through your site conveniently and have an excellent experience to stay longer.

Your Website is Not Responsive

In this era of advanced mobile technology, more than 70% of internet search queries are conducted from mobile devices. Moreover, Google is also ranking the mobile version of a website quicker and higher than the desktop one. And if your website is not responsive, you will not only see a drop in ranking but will lose a big part (mobile traffic) of overall traffic as well. So, you should choose a responsive design for your website to give it a redesign and make it perfect for all devices. A responsive web design will allow users to access and view your website easily across a variety of devices.

Poor UX Design

In this competitive business landscape, UX is more important than ever before. A business must please its users when they are visiting the website not only to make them stick around but to increase credibility as well. A mobile responsive web design, easier navigation, and engaging content are amazing ingredients of an excellent user experience. If your current website lacks all of these elements, you should opt for a quick website redesign to make it easy to navigate, responsive, and engaging too. The better experience your website will provide, the longer users will stay on your site to learn more about your business and make purchases.

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You are Facing SEO Difficulties

Lack of optimization is not the only reason behind poor rankings in search engines. Your website might not rank well in search results even after spending a lot of time and effort on the latest SEO strategies. It is the place when conducting a comprehensive audit can come in handy. A professional web design company can help you conduct a successful website audit and suggest appropriate changes to your website to make it SEO friendly.

Still Using Old Technologies Like Flash

Flash technology was an awesome choice of web designers as it gave them the ability to design appealing and engaging websites. And when mobile technology began to gain fame, Flash was no longer an ideal technology to make websites appealing. Beyond incompatibility with mobile devices, flash is also disreputably awful for search engine rankings. So, if your website had been built with Flash, you need to give it a revamp not only to make it appealing but to appear in more search results as well. So if you are looking to improve your website through incredible web design, find out more from White Peak Digital

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