by Manish Singh

Introduction: Even staying in your dream house, you may feel the absence of something that elevates your living. And that is related to your bedroom. You may want to feel the beauty in your bedroom, which is welcoming and soothing to your eyes. As well as it makes your bedroom look majestic. So you need to look into small details. Like, the kind of bedding you are using to design your bedroom. Is it perfect to look as elegant as in luxurious hotels? If not, then let’s have a binocular vision of those small things that are missing in your room.

Most likely, when you want your bed to look luxurious and majestic, then check if it’s cleaned well and ironed. Also, see if the bedsheet is tucked in perfectly to give that neat appearance to your bed. Use colors like white, which not only make it look luxurious but also soothes your eye. And the color elevates your bedroom and makes it more bright in daylight. Nowadays, Hotel Luxury Collection and other such companies have brought beautiful and majestic bedding supplies in our reach. Their work on the bedding items and the fabric is one the world’s best ones and used by five-star hotels.

To accentuate the beauty of your bed, let’s look into some washing regulations-

Making Sure No Stains Of Detergent Are Left Behind

Rinsing your bedsheets only once can leave behind detergent stains. The detergent is not removed on washing only once. The remaining detergent stain over time. So it is better to remove them by properly washing your sheets and bedding and rinsing twice. It helps to prevent the yellow stain from forming and also prevents the discoloration of your bed sheet. Be it your bed sheet or the duvet, pillowcase, or other bedding items, remember to rinse twice.

Using Warm And Cold Water To Wash

Newer detergents used these days require a low temperature to form lather. So, around 40degrees will be perfect for lathering up your bedding items with detergent. However, white color may need a little higher temperature – around 60 degrees Celsius. So, using warm, as well as, cold water to wash your bedding items, can help you to get rid of any kind of stains. Even low-temperature water is also good for the environment. So make sure to check the temperature of the water before washing.

Fabric Softeners Should Be Avoided

Fabric softeners can lead to the tearing of your bedding items. They destroy the natural fibers of the bedsheets and other bedding items. They do so by breaking down the fibers after overlapping them. And when put into the dryer, the dryer sheets undergo pilling and ultimately get torn. It is because they can’t resist the scraping forces of the softeners inside the dryer. The lint causes this corrosion as it sticks onto them.

Too Much Hot Dryers Can Destroy Your Bedding Items

Most of the materials get worn out in dryers which are too hot. It is because too hot dryers can diminish the natural fiber strength and break them apart. The bedding items may be able to withstand hot water, but they get destroyed in hot dryers. These dryers get overheated during the last cycles of drying. It makes dust particles attach to the surface of the fabrics. It makes it dirty, rather than cleaning them.

Don’t Let The Dryer Dry The Fabrics Inside

Bringing out all the fabrics before they get dried up inside the dryer is a good option. If we keep them inside, till the dryer squeezes out all the water particles from it, then the fabrics may wither and wrinkle. So, taking them out a little before and properly handing them up on the cloth lines can prevent them from wrinkling. But you have to make sure that you fasten the ends with tight clips to prevent any shrinkage or crease as they hang. This works like iron and makes your bed look neat as you spread them over them.

What To Choose Between Sateen And Percale Bed Sheets?

A one-over-one-under weave is depicted as Percale, and these are firm. Percale sheets have a thread count of 180. They are soft. But they get wrinkled up more and are rougher in texture.

On the other hand, Sateen has a thread winded under three weaves. They feel silky and smooth. They tear easily and can heat up fast, so they are uncomfortable to sleep with.

So, for a luxurious and wrinkle-free look- sateen is good. And for long time use and temperature adjustability, Percale is better. So you can choose the one according to your needs.


From the above-discussed points, it is clear that cleansing your bedroom and bedding items is important for clean and healthy living. Also, they add the taste of luxury to your bedroom. Also, lint filters that are present for the blankets and other soft fabrics should be cleaned thoroughly. Lint can form small fluffy balls of fabric on the surface which can ultimately tear your blanket. Even stains can form on keeping linen inside a plastic bag. So remember to remove them before storing them. Using soft washing detergents can also reduce the chances of fading the color of the fabrics. And it is preferable not to scrub too hard on the textiles as they may tear.

Along with washing, choose the correct bedding items that match your bedroom theme, and arrangements are also responsible for the luxurious feel of your bedroom. Using a super king-sized mattress topper or bed linens that are luxurious or even fuzzy duvets and covers can make your bed look magnificent. And all of these you may find in Hotel Luxury Collection companies. Small details like using durable, long warranty bedding items are best for long-term use. And choosing color combinations and other such details are also important for bringing out the beauty of your bedroom.

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