5 Tips to Maximize Your Internet Speed for Gaming

5 Tips to Maximize Your Internet Speed for Gaming

by Manish Singh

Table of Contents

  1. Shut Down Background Processes
  2. Switch to Better Router
  3. Get an Ethernet Connection
  4. Keep Away From Viruses
  5. Take Your Internet Package a Level Higher
  6. Final Note — Don’t Forget to Choose the Best Internet Service!

Can’t compromise on your gaming tournaments due to slow and glitchy internet speeds? Here are some quick tips that you can use to get the best maximum possible internet speeds for gaming.

Shut Down Background Processes

We all are using apps like Netflix and YouTube on our devices. These are some of the heaviest apps when it comes to eating up the bandwidth and increasing latency. It is best to always switch off these apps from the background so that they do not interfere with the bandwidth you need for your gaming. If you have automatic updates running in the background, chances are the updates are not only taking up your bandwidth but also eating up your data allowance.

Since you will be gaming, you might not even need to use your phone. In such cases, switching it to airplane mode is the best choice to ensure all background processes are paused and do not consume your bandwidth.

Switch to a Better Router

There is a wide range of more advanced and powerful routers in the market, which might even outdo your current router. Since technology is constantly advancing and not stopping any time soon, it is very easy to have your devices become obsolete or non-competitive.

There is a huge chance that the router you are using is not powerful enough. In the sense that it fails to provide strong signals throughout your home, does not have beamforming technology antennas, or does not have any more software updates coming in from the provider.

To avoid letting the router be the cause of slow internet, you should explore other routers that are there. You will find a bunch of advanced routers that are specifically made for gaming purposes. They are fixated on very specific features, such as ensuring low latency and ping rate, as well as advanced tech that lets you navigate internet traffic to your gaming console.

Get an Ethernet Connection

A wired connection to your router is the most reliable and the simplest way to ensure a good internet speed on your gaming PC or console. Make sure you are equipped with a long enough Ethernet cable that is also of high quality.

Ethernet connection is better than Wi-Fi in many ways. Primarily, a wired connection provides much more stable speeds than a Wi-Fi connection that tends to provide fluctuating speeds. You will also be able to make your wire-connected device the higher priority when it comes to shared bandwidth. By taking up most of your home network’s bandwidth, you will be able to get low latency and better-performing games.

Keep Away From Viruses

Viruses, malware, spyware, and hackers are always downloading your personal data and uploading more harmful code on your systems. Viruses are particularly known for slowing down systems. But this becomes essentially true when you are using the system for high-bandwidth purposes. In such cases, viruses slow down the system dramatically.

It is best to scan your system and make sure it is free from viruses and malware. This will help you protect your system from overloading it with harmful data, and ensure that your internet bandwidth is only being consumed by you for your games only.

Take Your Internet Package a Level Higher

While you can try many other tips and hacks to ensure you are getting the highest possible internet speeds for gaming, don’t forget to take a look at your internet subscription. Give it a second thought to fully understand whether or not the internet speed, bandwidth, latency, and even the data allowance meets your needs or not.

Keep in mind that you are not the only one using your internet. Your house members will also be using the internet that will directly impact the internet speeds you are getting. It is best to get yourself a higher-speed internet plan rather than investing in a new router. Spectrum Internet packages are available in 3-speed tiers, with the highest one being a 1 Gig internet plan. You can choose a 1 gig plan so everyone in your house not only gets good internet speed, but you can also enjoy these reliable speeds with your new router or a more secure Ethernet connection.

Final Note — Don’t Forget to Choose the Best Internet Service!

You can upgrade your internet equipment and shut down your background apps all you want, but there won’t be any significant difference if you are not using a reliable internet service. One of the many reasons why gamers don’t get good internet speeds is due to an outage from the provider’s end. To top that off with unreliable customer service, a gamer’s life can become miserable.

It is crucial that you choose a renewed, well-reputed ISP like Spectrum that has the most efficient customer service. If you are a Spanish-speaking customer, you can even utilize a dedicated phone line that is established only for Spanish customers. Reach out to Spectrum telefono at 1-844-481-5997 today to get the best offers!

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