5 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress More Durable

5 Ways You Can Make Your Mattress More Durable

by Manish Singh

There are quite a few things that constitute a good mattress. For one, a good mattress is not only firm but also provides comfort and durability. Read along for tips on how to enhance the durability of your new king size mattress.

1. Get a Mattress Made from Strong Materials

If your mattress is made from sturdy materials, it will last long enough to make you satisfied. A durable mattress goes for between seven and twelve years of use without losing most good qualities. To pass this test, the materials that make it need to be of excellent quality.

Some Durable Materials that Make Mattresses:

  • Foam
  • Latex
  • Spring (innerspring)
  • A mixture of all these materials (hybrid)

Foam and latex mattresses are the longest lasting and more resistant to the effects of sagging. Spring mattresses are long-lasting, too, although they may start sagging after about five years of continuous use. Hybrid mattresses combine all those qualities for the best experience.

2. Cover Your Mattresses with Protectors

For the best results, ensure that you use a mattress protector immediately after purchasing the 12 inch mattress. Doing this will protect the inner parts of the mattress from damaging factors such as dirt, mites, fluid spills, and other unwanted things. You may want to use a protector that is strong enough to resist penetration by bedbugs to keep those annoying things away.

3. Aerate Your Mattress and Expose it to Adequate Light

Aerate the mattress before you put it into use for the first time. Also, aerate it regularly to maintain its optimum shape. Here is how you can go about it.

Before Use

After buying the mattress, it is good practice to air it out for about a half-hour before sleeping on it. Doing this allows it to take in the fresh air and be in its optimum condition. The storage, wrapping, and transporting processes expose it to air-depressing conditions.

As a routine

When you start sleeping on it, the mattress absorbs moisture from your body and other sources. It is necessary to take it out occasionally so that sunlight and heat can take away those residues and replace them with fresh air. As such, the mattress remains in optimum conditions and free from damaging factors.

1. Clean the Mattress and Bed Linens Regularly

Cleaning the linens goes without saying, and most people clean their regularly. However, the cleaning schedule should be regular, at least every week, since dirt factors are active every day.

For the mattress itself, most users forget that it needs cleaning too.

The process of cleaning a mattress is delicate, and you may want to do it correctly. Fortunately, manufacturers give directions on how best you can clean every type of mattress.

The user’s manual comes with steps to follow when removing stains and even cleaning as a routine.

Cleaning involves the use of water and soap, chemicals, and vacuuming, among other means. Remember to go slow on using chemicals on a foam mattress since the chemicals can destroy them.

2. Avoid Keeping the Mattress in the Same Position Forever

The main reason for this is to distribute the effects of pressing against the bed and your weight.

Putting it in one position for months and years concentrates tear and wear on one side. Rotating it after every three or six months reduces this inequality and enhances durability.

Final Thoughts

The durability of a mattress depends on what makes it and how you use it or care for it. If you want your king size mattress to last, ensure that you buy the best and observe the best practices that are likely to make it last.

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