6 awesome suburbs outside Phoenix, Arizona to move to

6 awesome suburbs outside Phoenix, Arizona to move to

by Manish Singh

Phoenix, Arizona, is becoming a popular region for families and young professionals to relocate.

With the amazing, year-round weather combined with the great food, job opportunities, and abundance of shopping and nightlife, it’s easy to see why the area is so popular.

In addition to five-star restaurants and some of the nation’s best spas and resorts, the suburban areas are also well-kempt and recently developed, intriguing people from all over to put down roots.

There are even condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows centered right in Old Town Scottsdale, which provide walking distance to some of the best shops and entertainment available.

If you’re considering moving to the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona, here are six superb locations to consider, including the condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows.

1. Move To Scottsdale

Scottsdale is a haven for families looking for a community with top schools and great jobs. You can also find fantastic dining options and shopping centers.

There are also growing housing opportunities, such as the condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows.

Condos For Sale at Scottsdale Shadows

The condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows are a smart choice for settling down in the area. Not only are you seconds away from nightlife, great restaurants, and shopping, but you’re also part of the greater Metro area.

Consider browsing the condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows if settling down in Scottsdale feels like the right fit for you!

2. Move To Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is only a few minutes away from Phoenix, so you’re close to the action!

You’ll be immersed in nature while remaining close to all the urban adventures Phoenix offers. You’ll also find parks, coffee shops, and top public schools.

The walkability factor is less convenient than areas near the condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows, but residents genuinely enjoy the break between nature and the urban setting.

3. Move To Chandler

As one of the most affordable suburban areas outside Phoenix, Chandler provides a dense suburban landscape for residents.

Most people who reside in Chandler own their own homes or are preparing to do so.

The affordability factor explains the broad age ranges of the area. Young professionals and retirees reside in Chandler and consider it a peaceful place to call home.

Families and young professionals alike will find comfort and stability living here. There is also an abundance of coffee shops and parks, and the public schools are highly rated.

As a technology-focused area, many consider Chandler an extension of Phoenix.

4. Move To Peoria

More people are moving to Peoria each year, and it is now the 9th most populous city in the state. Peoria is an excellent choice if you’re interested in living near the big city with enough natural separation from the scene.

Peoria extends across the Phoenix Valley and Lake Pleasant Regional Park. People enjoy fishing, camping, boating, and more by the lake. Watersports are also popular activities here.

5. Move To Goodyear

Goodyear, Arizona, has a growing population and was named one of the best places to live in the US in 2020. The weather is sunny nearly 300 days a year, and the Southwest Valley provides space for all types of lifestyles.

As with the condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows, Goodyear offers a low cost of living, an abundance of recreational areas, and many job opportunities for those looking to settle somewhere financially affordable.

You will also enjoy the museums, concert stadiums, and a picturesque landscape all year long.

6. Move To Mesa

Mesa, Arizona offers residents exciting activities like golfing, hiking, and horseback riding, making the area a popular place to retire.

As with the location of condos for sale at Scottsdale Shadows, Mesa is also close to Phoenix, allowing residents an accessible, brief drive into the city while still living apart from city life.

Livability scoring sites have ranked Mesa the 16th best place to raise a family in Arizona, with an affordability scoring of 81.

How Do You Choose?

Making a move to the surrounding suburban areas of Phoenix, Arizona, means that you’re ready to take in the sunshine, the abundance of great food and work opportunities, and real places to call home!

You may have noticed that the schools are highly rated within all of these areas, and that all the communities are safe!

So, how do you choose?

Selecting the right location boils down to how close you want to be to Phoenix, the balance of nature and city that appeals to you, and of course, the affordability factors that pertain to your income.

Home Is Waiting For You

What’s set in stone is that the surrounding suburban areas of Phoenix have a lot to offer. Consider the regions above as you plan your move. Your home sweet home is waiting for you!

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