6 things that you need to ask your sexual assault lawyer before hiring

6 things that you need to ask your sexual assault lawyer before hiring

by Manish Singh

If you are going to hire a sexual assault lawyer for your court case, there are certain questions you need to ask them before you can begin with the case. If you are nervous about the process of the case, the length of the court trial, what you can expect during the trial, and the steps associated with going to court for sexual assault, then you should hire an attorney who can provide you with the information that you need to move forwards.

After all, being well prepared and ready to take on the perpetrator before you show up in court is key to feeling confident and ready to face the accused. But what should you ask your sexual assault lawyer so you feel ready to tackle the court case and feel 100% ready to attend the court case? Let’s see some of the best questions to ask your sexual assault lawyer before hiring!

6 questions that you NEED to ask your sexual assault lawyer before your court case – vet the lawyers by asking these questions!

If you are trying to narrow down the extensive list of sexual assault lawyers to help you choose the best one for your needs, then you should consider asking a few questions before hiring a professional to work with you on your court case. After all, this person can be the difference maker between winning your court case and not bringing your perpetrator up on charges. How can you make sure that you stand the best chance for your case? One of the best ways that you can best prepare for your court case is to ask these questions before hiring an attorney for your needs.

What is your past win history?

One of the main questions to ask your sexual assault lawyer before you hire them for your court case is their past in history, you must know their total number of cases to see how long they have been around in the industry – and then compare the number of wins they age to the total number of cases they have worked. If you find they have worked over 100 cases- but they have only won 10 – this ratio is not very good to justify hiring them for our court case. Instead of just hiring someone who has hundreds of cases under their belt, check out the win ratio to the total number of cases – consider hiring someone who only has over 70% of win cases! After all, experience isn’t helpful if they have not learned anything from their extensive case history!

The argument for the court case

One of the main things that you should consider when you are going to hire a sexual assault lawyer for your court case is the argument they are going to form for you in your court case. If you are curious about who they are, you might want to ask the potential candidates the argument they will form for your case. What is the stance they are going to take in the case? Are they going to have you portrayed as a victim or are they going to simply line up the facts and portray the concrete evidence in the case? Make sure you find out the stance each potential candidate will use for your case.

Were there any witnesses?

The next aspect to consider before you hire a sexual assault lawyer for your case is the prevalence of any witnesses in your case. Make sure you consider if there were any witnesses present for the sexual assault. If you find there were witnesses of the assault, they knew of the assault over the years and never did anything, or they heard through word of mouth about the assault, these are all important facets of your case that can help you win. Make sure you talk to your lawyer about how they will use the evidence and the witnesses to help formulate your case. After all, your testimony is only worth a part of the case – you need to prove that you are telling the truth.

What is the price range for you during the case?

Before you can hire a sexual assault lawyer for your case, you need to make sure they are within your price range. Although lawyers will typically help someone who is down on their luck, you also want to make sure that you avoid going bankrupt during the defense process. Avoid spending all of your money – and more than you have – on a lawyer and instead choose a professional who is within the price range. By doing so, you can avoid going into debt during your court process – and use this money to fund other aspects of your life!

What is the aftermath of the court case?

Another question you should ask the sexual assault lawyer is about the aftermath and results of the case. What can they expect to happen after the case? By getting an idea of the aftermath of a case, you can find out their experience with dealing with victims post-cases. If you don’t, they do not stay in touch or provide resources, then maybe look somewhere else.

What is the chance of winning?

By getting an idea of how likely you are to win before the case, you can get an idea of the personality and the experience of the lawyer. If you find the lawyer says there isn’t a chance of winning, this can be because they’re pessimistic about your case or they simply do not want your business. In this case, look somewhere else. Also, avoid someone who says you will 100% win – you want to find someone realistic about your chances without being dismissive.


Who should you hire for your court case? Find the best sexual assault lawyer to help you increase your chances of winning your case and getting the help that you deserve and need! Make sure you narrow down the potential lawyers that you might be hiring by asking specific questions about your court case, the argument of the case, and their past history. By getting a feel for their expertise, experience, and personality, you can rest assured that you are hiring the best person for your needs.

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