8 Gardening Tools Every Beginners Should Have

8 Gardening Tools Every Beginners Should Have

by Manish Singh

So, the spirit of gardening has gotten to you, or you have just moved into a new place with an area you could grow flowers or vegetables. While it is an overwhelming task, there are things that you must get right. You have to figure the growth conditions and pests associated with what you wish to plant. Above all, as a novice gardener, you must figure the tools you need to be successful.

While the list of gardening tools is too long, you need to know the basic ones to jump-start your project. You can get great deals and voucher codes when online shopping for beginner gardening tools. They do not take much storage space. Below is a list of essential gardening tools a beginner can use to have a successful gardening hobby.

Gardening Gloves

Gloves might be the last thing to cross your mind when thinking of gardening tools. They are among the most vital equipment to have as they can protect your hands from harm. While gardening, you will handle soil with some insects, pull out thorny plants, and many more things. These are potentially harmful as you could be stung or cut. There are different types of gardening gloves for different tasks. Pick the multi-purpose pair for a start.

Hand Trowel

As much as you care for your plants and tend to your garden or even growing containers, the unwanted visitors- weeds will show up. Having a hand trowel will help you pull out both the weeds and roots. The multi-purpose tool comes in different types and can be utilized in many ways like, digging holes for new plants, transplanting plants, and digging into compacted soil. It is important to choose one with good handles and a rust-resistant blade.

Garden Hose and Watering Can

Whatever the kind of plant you are growing, including draught-resistant plants, they will at a time need water. Having a way to deliver water to the plants is important. With a garden hose at your disposal, it will allow you to water your flower bed, vegetable garden, and even lawn. Using a watering can is helpful for smaller gardens or container gardens. Using a hose is faster and easier compared to the can. Pick a strong and long hose that can reach all corners of your yard. Use a Noon coupon code to get a discount on a sprinkler you could attach to the hose.

Spade or Shovel

Whatever you know about gardening, you know it includes a lot of dirt. You will have to dig up dirt to make a gardening bed and also need to move some of the dirt. A spade or shovel will enable you to perform both tasks easily. Also, the tool will come in handy when moving manure from the pit to the garden. Pick a multi-purpose shovel or spade as the different types have different uses. Also, check out online coupons that give discounts on spades.


Without a doubt, you will need to clean your garden regularly. In fall, you will need to clean up fallen leaves. Later on, you will need to clear up the dead plant and other debris from the garden. To successfully achieve this for larger gardens, you will need a rake. It will also prove useful when trying to level the soil after digging for newer plants. Choose a light rake for ease and efficiency.

Pruner, Shears or Scissors

As your plants grow, they will need some cutting, clipping, and cleaning up. Dead plant parts need to be cut, light branches trimmed, and broken parts removed, and flowers harvested. With top-rated pruning shears, the task is accomplished neatly. Furthermore, you can use any of the tools to shape your shrubs and flowers. Before buying one, check on the handle type for comfortability and blade type for efficiency. Take a durable and easy to sharpen pair of shears or pruners.

Hori Hori Garden Knife

The Hori Hori Garden knife from Japan is a helpful gardening tool for beginners. The knife allows the user to dig holes for planting. The measurements on the knife also help the user know the depth of the dug hole. It is also helpful in transplanting thanks to the blade shape. It easily penetrates the soil to get a seedling out gently. It is also useful in weeding and loosening soil in small gardens.

Garden Kneeler

While gardening is exhausting, there are some tools designed for your comfort and protection. Since you will spend a considerable time on your knees, a garden kneeler will come in handy to protect your knees and provide comfort. The kneelers are designed to absorb shock and waterproof. Let your hobby be a more enjoyable one.

Starting a successful garden adventure is dependent, among many other things, essential gardening tools. Get great deals online and use a coupon code to get discounts. Use the list above when purchasing for your garden and jump-start your gardening positively.

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