A Brief Rundown of PDFBear’s Word to PDF Converter Tool

A Brief Rundown of PDFBear’s Word to PDF Converter Tool

by Manish Singh

Technology becomes the backbone of society battling the pandemic. It allows the learning process of students to continue in the comforts of their own homes. Business people are capable of working even if they don’t personally meet with their colleagues. Ultimately, technological advancements paved the way for you to create digital documents containing important information. You can use these documents using different file formats. For instance, you can use Microsoft Word to make resumes, and reports. It is the best type of document when accomplishing essay-related requirements because it allows unlimited editing.

But just like any other format, Word has several cons. You can’t encrypt it making it prone to a data breach. You will encounter several compatibility issues when you share the file. To solve this problem, you only need to access PDFBear and use it to convert your Word documents to PDF.

Why convert Word to PDF?

For sure, you have past experiences in using PDF. You probably realized by now how it is different from other file formats. Converting Word to PDF is necessary to maintain the layout, font style, and font size of your document when sharing it with other people. It is impossible when you keep using Word.

Another thing why you should turn your documents into PDF is because you can encrypt and decrypt them anytime you want. It will allow you to set up a password. It is to ensure that you are the only person who can open the document. With this kind of security measure, your files will never fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Use PDFBear to convert Word to PDF easily

The number of platforms that offer a converter tool is overwhelming. Google will present you with a long list of tools but not all of them are worth trying. Some are just a waste of time because of the inefficiency of their conversion process. To not experience this inconvenience, use PDFBear’s converter tool. It is an online-based tool that delivers your desired result in just a few minutes. It has a straightforward interface that youngsters and adults can easily master. Despite the high functionality of this website, it does not require its users to avail of any of its subscription plans. But if you wish to have the best digital experience, you can upgrade your account to a pro at an affordable price.

To use the website’s converter tool, you need to secure yourself with a device connected to a stable internet. It is not strict with the type of device so you can use either a smartphone or a laptop. Use any browser you are most comfortable with and search for PDFBear. From the list of tools, choose the convert to PDF option. Then, follow the steps below once the converter tool appears on your screen.

Step 1. Upload the Word document

Clicking the select files button will let you upload the document from your device. Another way to make the file available on the website is by using the drag and drop option. It will require you to select first the file you want to convert, drag and drop it on the toolbox.

Step 2. Wait until the process ends

The PDF converter will automatically scan the document once it reaches the server. The whole process will not take that long. The converted document will appear on your screen after a few minutes. But since it is a web-based tool, it still depends on your internet speed and file size

Step 3. Download the PDF

Converting the document will not make sense if you will not download the new version of the file. Make a copy on your device by clicking the download button. You have the chance to do this within an hour. After this time, the server will automatically delete the uploaded file.

Why choose PDFBear’s converter tool?

The converter tool of this website is one-of-a-kind. It makes the process of converting documents incredibly convenient. It is not the same with some software that makes you run in circles because of its complicated interface. To successfully change the file format of a document, you only have to follow four easy steps. It will save you a lot of your working time. In terms of quality, the converted document will have the same readability as the original. All information is accurate and correct. So get rid of any fears you have with this website because it will not, in any way, compromise the quality of your file.


Technology can make wonders in your life. It can make impossible things possible. A few years ago, you didn’t know the conversion of documents could happen. But today, you can do it anytime by using PDFBear. It offers an easy-to-use converter tool without making you pay any amount of money. It is not only capable of turning Word to PDF. It has over 20 tools designed to improve the lives of people handling digital documents. Visit the website now to discover these tools on your own!

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