A Guide to Planning a Unique Big Day

A Guide to Planning a Unique Big Day

by Manish Singh

Every happy couple wants to plan a memorable wedding for themselves and their guests. However, as you will only get married once, you must ensure you not only do so in style but that your special day stands out in everyone’s minds for many years to come.

Don’t follow the crowd and create a distinctive wedding that will wow your guests. Read this helpful guide to planning a unique big day.

Choose a Memorable Location

If you don’t have your heart set on saying “I do” in a church or at a hotel, look for a location that will blow your guests away. For instance, you can guarantee your loved ones will not forget a luxurious yacht wedding. It will allow you to say your wedding nuptials on a stunning vessel, which will be complemented by a beautiful backdrop, exceptional service, and gorgeous wedding flowers.

Remember, the location you choose can make or break your big day. So, find a venue that will add a touch of elegance and style to your wedding. It will ensure you look back on your special day with zero regrets.

Pick Distinctive Wedding Transportation

If a Rolls Royce or a horse and carriage doesn’t complement both your personalities, pick wedding transportation that reflects your style or passions. For example, if you both love to travel the world, a quirky VW might suit your wedding and impress your guests. However, if you love classic cars, you could travel to your ceremony venue or reception in a 1960 Jaguar E-Type or a Chevrolet Corvette.

Swap Confetti for Bubbles

Confetti isn’t only hard for staff to clean up, but it is bad for the environment. If you are looking for a fun and environmentally friendly alternative to confetti, bubbles are a great choice. Hand out bubble wands to all your guests, which they can blow as you leave the venue as newlyweds. It will add to the magic of your day, and it can look great on your wedding snaps.

Create a Wedding Newspaper

A wedding newspaper can provide your guests with the order of the day, photographs of the stag and hen do, facts about the bride and groom, and much more. It is a great way to increase the excitement for the day ahead, and your attention to detail will wow your family and friends.

Host a Tree-Planting Ceremony

If you and your other half are environmentally conscious, a tree-planting ceremony could be ideal for you both. During or after your wedding, you can plant a beautiful tree to symbolize your life growing together. Plus, you can visit the tree each anniversary to see how it is thriving, and it will serve as a reminder of your big day and your many years together. Also, you will both feel good knowing the tree is helping to create a healthier environment for everyone.

Create a Polaroid Guest Book

Add a little excitement into your guestbook by encouraging your loved ones to take a Polaroid snap of themselves. Leave a sign next to a Polaroid camera asking your guests to take a photograph of themselves and share their thoughts. You can then create a fantastic memory book that you will love to look through throughout your marriage.

Surprise Your Other Half

Make your wedding day stand out in your guests’ minds by planning a fun or romantic surprise for your other half. For example, you could surprise your new husband or wife by performing a choreographed dance with his or her friends.

Alternatively, you could present them with a thoughtful gift they have always wanted, sing a heartfelt song, write them a romantic note in a special wedding card, or surprise them during the first dance with your fantastic moves. It is a moment that will become embedded in everyone’s memories, especially your partner..

Hire an Artist to Paint Your Venue

Are you looking for a unique form of entertainment for your big day? A live painter might be a perfect choice for you and your other half. A talented artist can create a beautiful painting of your wedding venue or reception, which is bound to interest every guest at your wedding. Plus, you will have a beautiful, unique work of art to hang on your wall that will remind you of the picture-perfect day.

Skip the Traditional Wedding Cake

If you don’t like to follow tradition, swap a wedding cake for something a little different. For example, you could create a cheese wheel cake, using different varieties for each tier. Alternatively, you could build a cake from macrons or cupcakes, or you could grab your guests’ attention with a mouth-watering doughnut tower. You can even rule out a sweet centerpiece altogether and swap it for an ice cream cart or a fun candy station.

Incorporate Childhood Photos

If you and your partner have many childhood photographs, incorporate them into your day. For example, you could use two photos of you both at the same age for the corresponding table numbers, such as at ten years old for table 10. It is bound to become a talking point during your reception, and it is an extra special touch that will stand out in your loved ones’ minds.

Find an Unusual Wedding Band

While a string quartet can add a splash of elegance to your big day, you could wow your guests with a barbershop quartet, a Spanish guitar player, or a tribute band. The music you choose can create a fun atmosphere, so pick an act your loved ones will not expect and complements your wedding or personalities.

Don’t Neglect the Dancefloor

The dancefloor is the one place at your reception where the two families will come together to laugh, dance, and sing the evening away. For this reason, you must look for ways to encourage your guests to get up on their feet and have some fun. For example, you could hang overhead lighting over the dancefloor, add neon signs, use a light projector, or provide various dancefloor props, such as LED light wands.

Personalize Your Wedding Entertainment

You don’t need to follow the crowd when booking wedding entertainment. If you want your guests to have some fun and let their hair down, incorporate games and activities that mean something to you and your other half.

For example, if you both love to play beer pong with friends in your spare time, incorporate the game into your big day. If many children are invited to your wedding, they will have plenty of fun on a bounce house. The unusual entertainment ideas will ensure your guests look back on the day with fondness.

Ask Guests for Song Requests

Ensure each guest likes at least one song played at your wedding by asking everyone for song requests. Then, reach out to your family and friends before the big day to create a unique playlist. If a loved one hears their favorite song, it could encourage them to hit the dancefloor and have some fun, which will make the event stand out in their mind.

Hand Out Delicious Midnight Snacks

Make your guests feel special toward the end of the night by serving delicious midnight snacks. Prevent rumbling stomachs by serving salty French fries, tacos, or burgers, or help everyone wind down with freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with a milk shooter. It will delight your guests when served, and it is a thoughtful touch that will send them home with a big smile on their faces.

Book Late-Night Entertainment

Once your guests think the fun is over, surprise them with late-night entertainment. For example, you can guarantee a fire juggler or fire eater will wow your nearest and dearest. The spectacular performance will add to the atmosphere, and it will allow your photographer to snap some fantastic photographs. You could even complement the performance with a stunning fireworks display, which could be the perfect way to end an unforgettable day.

Make an Impressive Exit

As your loved ones will want to wave you off into married life at the end of your wedding, you must plan an impressive exit. For example, you could hire a big band to play you out of your reception and hand out confetti, beach balls, party poppers, and noisemakers to guests before you leave. Also, don’t forget to inform your photographer of your plan, which will allow them to take some fantastic exit shots you are bound to love.


Planning your wedding can be stressful. If you want your wedding to stand out in your guests’ minds, you must steer away from traditional themes, venues, or entertainment and look for ways to surprise your loved ones.

For example, you could say “I do” on a picturesque yacht, swap the traditional wedding cake for a fun alternative, or choose entertainment that matches both your personalities. It will ensure your special day not only suits both you and your partner, but it will set it apart from the many weddings your loved ones will attend over the years.

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