A Hidden Life (2019) – Download English Subtitles

by Shabaz

“A Hidden Life” by Frank Valentino is an excellent read. It is the third in a trilogy of works which trace the footsteps of Josef Verscheren, a German-Jewish anti-Hitler Resistance member and memoir writer who also hid in his own home during the war. The story revolves around his family and what he did to keep them safe while hiding him. Josef kept them aware of what was going on with him and the daily trials that he had to go through in order to stay alive. These writings are not only a personal narrative, but reveal a character who had hidden a life for himself, and was not prepared for that life to be taken from him.

Language English
Released Date December 13, 2019  (United States)
Duration 174minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

a hidden life 2019 subtitles

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