All About Priligy And Premature Ejaculation Treatment

by Manish Singh

If you’ve experienced premature ejaculation, you know that it’s a hindrance towards pleasurable coitus. It can be frustrating, and for many, depressing, because men tend to associate their performance during sexual intercourse to self-esteem.

Before you purchase “medication” from untrustworthy sites, buy pills here instead. And with the help of Numan’s telemedicine platform, understand what premature ejaculation is, and how Priligy can help treat it.

Understanding Priligy

Priligy is the marketed brand name of the medication known scientifically as “Dapoxetine”. It’s a highly potent substance for treating premature ejaculation. Categorized under SSRI, this Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor is taken to target deficiencies in serotonin.

Priligy And Serotonin

What does serotonin have to do with premature ejaculation? The role of serotonin in the body is to serve as a neurotransmitter. The latter can be found in blood platelets. Call it your body’s stabiliser for that “optimistic” mood and of happiness.

Often referred to as the “happy hormone”, it plays such a crucial role in the proper operations of bodily functions. It isn’t limited to emotions and mental health. What serotonin does, when it’s in its stable form, is to ensure that eating, digestion, metabolism, sleeping, and yes, in this context, the manner in which the genitalia performs, are at their peak.

This is because serotonin is what allows the smooth transmittance of nervous system cells from the nervous system itself to the rest of the body, and vice versa. Hence, it’s among the variables that ensure the balance of the workings of bodily functions.

In other words, Priligy creates a balance as it increases the action of serotonin. This way, the slowing down and blockage of neurotransmitters from the nervous system to the bloodstream, and ultimately the genitalia, will be corrected. When this happens, ejaculation can be delayed to lengthen coitus.

Taking Priligy

Recommended Directions

The safest and most practical manner of taking Priligy is to follow the recommended instructions on its bottle and/ or box. These manufacturer’s directions have been medically and scientifically collated, and tested securely, to warrant safe usage.

Taking Priligy once a day is the maximum that the body can absorb. Doctors recommend that you do NOT take more than one within 24 hours. Priligy does not work the way supplements do so it should not be considered as “regular” treatment.

You can visit online clinics for premature ejaculation and inquire about the frequency you are to partake of Priligy, especially if you’re unsure about any health conditions and/ or medications that may contrast the effect of Dapoxetine.

Return Check-Ups

After your first round of Priligy treatment, you may be asked to revisit your physician (or virtual medical platform) for a follow-up regarding how the medication has affected you. This may be scheduled after at least 6 series of treatments— typically after 28 to 30 days.

During these return check-ups, be sure to speak truthfully about its effects on you. In most cases, these only include nausea, indigestion, prolonged headaches, and the like. Regardless, you are to disclose all and any information regarding your body’s response to Dapoxetine.

Doing so will help safeguard your overall well-being alongside the healthy ingestion of Priligy.

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