All You Need to Know About the SAFe® Scrum Master Training Course

All You Need to Know About the SAFe® Scrum Master Training Course

by Manish Singh

If you have landed on this article, perhaps you are curious about the processes of tutoring the Agile teams to dispatch the maximum value of the business at scale. The SAFe® Scrum Master training course encloses the necessary tactical skills to be an operative Scrum Master in an organisation of SAFe®. It also provides you with the tools and guidance necessary for effectively working with distributed teams in remote environments.

What does the training course of SAFe® Scrum Master consist of?

The SAFe® Scrum Master training course includes the following:

  1. Candidates have to attempt the assessment for certification for SAFe® Scrum Master
  2. They gain access to resources, tools, and contents that they need to practice SAFe® daily
  3. They also get a membership for a year to the Community Platform of SAFe®
  4. Additionally, the candidates of the training course get access to an online visual workspace called the SAFe® Collaborate
  5. Moreover, remote learning is provided to the participants through Virtual Classrooms of SAFe®
  6. Finally, they are provided with sufficient materials for the course

What will you learn from the training course of SAFe® Scrum Master?

As an attendee of the SAFe® Scrum Master training course of certification, you will learn the following things:

  1. Upon completion of the course, the attendees will know the methods of implementing DevOps for consistent delivery and flow
  2. They will learn how to deliver continual improvement by properly coaching teams
  3. They will understand the processes of supporting the execution of PI
  4. Furthermore, the certification training course of SAFe® will teach you how to facilitate the events of Scrum

What are the pre-requisites for attendees of the training of SAFe® Scrum Master?

Before attending the training course of SAFe® Scrum Master, you should know what the pre-requisites are. Primarily, there is no requirement to attend the SSM course. However, we would suggest that it would be helpful if the candidates are familiar with the principles and concepts of Agile. You should be aware of XP or Extreme Programming, Kanban and Scrum and have some sort of working knowledge of the procedures of the development of hardware and software. Although this is not a compulsion, it will be beneficial to you. Another point to be noted is that you should have some experience of work in an environment that is Lean-Agile to appear for the examination.

One of the most commonly asked questions regarding the training of Scrum Master is who the certification training course would be beneficial for. In this respect, we must inform you, that the SAFe® Scrum Master course is useful for multiple kinds of professions. Whether you are or aim to be a Program Manager, Delivery Manager, Product Owner, Product Manager, Quality Manager, Director, Developer, Engineer, Architect, Consultant, Portfolio Manager, Agile Coach, Business Analyst, Release Train Engineer, Team Leader, Scrum Master, Program Manager or a Project Manager, the training course of Scrum Master certification will be extremely useful to you.

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