Average computer engineer salary

by Manish Singh

Types of work

This does not mean that computer software development is a technical profession. If you are pursuing computer science, you must have the ability to do mathematics and statistics, problem solving and the ability to clearly communicate complex technical problems to technical and non-technical colleagues. If you can master these basic skills, you are ready to explore a more specific career path on the average computer engineer salary.

Depending on your particular employer and professional title, you need to develop your unique knowledge to do your job effectively. Let’s examine three of the most common jobs for people in the IT field and the skills needed for each.

Software developer

Software developers create applications designed to run on multiple devices and allow an end user to perform a specific set of tasks. The title of the “software developer” job can refer to both front-end and back-end developers. Back-end developers focus on coding application logic to provide information from the server to the end user. These developers are generally proficient in programming languages ​​such as Java, Python, Ruby and PHP.

Front-end developers work closely with both back-end developers on the one hand and designers on the other. They transform information from the server into a useful and user-friendly experience for the end user. The developer programming toolbox is a JavaScript, CSS and HTML front end.

Information systems analyst

You can think of a computer systems analyst as an IT business manager. The main task is to optimize an organization’s IT systems and procedures and increase ROI on all software-related activities.

The job of a systems analyst is usually not an entry-level job. The role requires in-depth knowledge of the hardware, software and needs of the main business stakeholders. Information systems analysts need strong communication skills: they work through teams and must balance the needs of the development team with the priorities set by decision makers.

Data scientist

Today, the most advanced companies use a “data-driven” approach. With affordable cloud-based storage, more processing power and better data analysis tools, data scientists are more in demand than ever.

Data scientists analyze consumer information, look for models and insights that improve both the user experience and recommend the overall value of the company. The data scientists interrogate the database and develop systems that allow the industry to track key metrics and start new tests accordingly.

Training and education

Due to the cost, rate of change and innovation in the industry, many software engineers and IT professionals opt for a combination of self-learning and coding bootcamps. Programming bootcamps are exciting for young professionals and for career transitions. They offer a flexible enough curriculum to stay at the forefront of technology and teach not only technical skills, but also package creation and job search training.

As a result of this new educational model and the effectiveness shown by the coding bootcamp since the beginning of 2012, the major technology companies have expanded their networks to include not only candidates with technical qualifications. , but also bootcamp levels.

Career paths and salary estimates

In a real world, your salary will grow with your experience. According to Payscale, the average salary for a young computer engineer in the United States is $ 64,419. It usually takes 5-10 years of IT experience for young developers to be promoted to senior computer engineering positions. Senior developers have an average basic salary of $ 99,935, with benefits and bonuses that bring total compensation closer to $ 130,000 a year.

It is worth noting, however, that wage growth is not evenly distributed among technology workers, with women and men of color growing both generally and at a slower rate than whites. In an effort to address this inequality and promote diversity and inclusion in technology, the Fullstack Academy will work with all students to establish effective pay negotiation practices.

Moving to the top developer ladder is not the only career path for software engineering careers. Many of the best career promotion options include a software architect, chief software engineer or IT consultant.

A software architect typically works for a large software development agency and oversees customized software projects for messengers. They are confident of designing and implementing coding standards, controlling the project budget and providing germ-free software. The salary range for a software architect is between $ 87k and $ 162k. The main employers of software architects include Intel and IBM.

As a computer systems analyst, a chief computer engineer typically manages the IT department and its projects, staff and equipment. A chief computer engineer should have a thorough knowledge of programming languages, problem solving and cross-functional communication. Payscale lists the salary range for leading software engineers from $ 104k to $ 174k. With high demand for talent and wage packages, Oracle and EMC Corporation are desirable employers for engineers who want to take on this role, particularly in the New York area.

IT consultants manage their businesses or work for host organizations. They are used to advise organizations on their IT systems, including hardware requirements, software projects, system updates, data breaches and more. Their role may also be to provide senior managers and qualified personnel with the best software systems to implement new systems. IT consultants have a wide wage range of between $ 50,000 and $ 121,000. Booz, Allen and Hamilton, Accenture and Deloitte are among the main IT consultant contractors.


When it comes to compensation, there is an important place. To determine the payment to take home, it is important to consider not only the salary but also the living expenses, taxes and rental or accommodation costs in your area. According to Sokanu data, the top five states that pay the highest annual salary to software engineers are Washington, California, Alaska, New York and D.C.

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