AZ-303 Exam Preparation Tips

AZ-303 Exam Preparation Tips

by Manish Singh

Cloud architecture adds to its innovation and ingenuity. Microsoft Azure is the fastest-growing cloud services provider. They design the structure and functions of the cloud using tools provided by Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides top companies like Samsung, Boeing, BMW, eBay, Walmart, Travelocity, etc. More and more companies are adopting Microsoft Azure. The reason being its high scalability and security. AZ-303 is one of the two exams you must pass to earn the Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert. This is a precious certification that is recognized globally. Certification proves that you have gained a high level of skill sets in working with Microsoft Azure. The need for certified professionals is increasing. As more and more companies are transitioning to the cloud, they need certified individuals who can help them easily transition to the cloud keeping in mind the factors like scalability, reliability, security, and cost optimization. Certified Microsoft Solutions Architect is one of the highest-paid jobs in the IT industry. AZ-303 certification will help you to align with the current business requirements. This certification is valid for two years.


Candidates appearing for AZ-303 must be experienced IT professionals who design solutions that run on Microsoft Azure. They should have experience and knowledge of IT operations like identity, virtualization, security, disaster recovery, networking, budgeting, and governance. The candidates are also required to have intermediate-level skills in systems and networks administration. They must have significant experience and advanced level skills in DevOps.

About the exam

There are around 40 to 60 questions in Azure exam AZ-303. There are different exam formats in this exam like the review screen, the active screen, the brand review, the best answer, case studies, multiple-choice questions, build list, etc.

Skills measured in this exam

According to the latest update from Microsoft, AZ-303 measures your following skills:

  • Implement and manage data platforms (10-15%)
  • Implement solutions for apps (10-15%)
  • Implement management and security solutions (25-30%)
  • Implement and monitor an Azure infrastructure (50-55%)

Tips to prepare

  1. Get instructor-led training: There are many training courses online and offline that will provide you a guided roadmap to prepare for the AZ 303 certification exam. These courses are designed by industry experts who know this domain and guide you in your preparation. You get the opportunity to be mentored by professionals working in cloud computing. These training courses have a classroom-like structure and cover all the topics asked in the exam. They also ensure proper hands-on experience in the same.
  2. Books and references: Since AZ-303 is a new exam, you might not find many books for this. Before buying any book, check the reviews and seller information. The learning portal of Microsoft is best for reference and is a perfect starting point for your preparation. It contains most of the study materials needed for the AZ-303 exam. All the information related to this exam is made available on this site. All the latest updates related to the exam date, schedule, fees, and syllabus are available on this website.
  3. Forums and discussion groups: There are many discussion groups and forums to resolve your doubts and queries. Members of the groups are experienced professionals, and they can give you the right approach to attempt questions in the exam. Microsoft has organized a study group for AZ-303 where you can resolve doubts related to this particular exam. It is a beneficial resource and has many practice dumps that you can check out. These discussion groups and forums are free of cost.
  4. AZ-303 simulators: Sample tests and simulators are very helpful for the preparation for the AZ-303 exam. Though Microsoft provides sample tests for most of their certification exams, there are no sample tests for AZ-303. You can refer to the Microsoft AZ-303 simulator provided by David Mayer. It has both full-length tests and sample tests. These questions are prepared according to the objective of the exam. It has a detailed solution for each question to provide you the right approach to present your solution.
  5. Hands-on experience: This exam not just tests your theoretical knowledge but also checks if you understand its application. An understanding of the business requirement is essential to design your solution. You must understand the requirements and provide the best possible solutions keeping in mind the aspects like scalability and security. You must provide guidelines for the implementation of those solutions. This exam requires you to have an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure. Some questions ask you to answer the correct solution in a given scenario within given prerequisites. Make sure that you solve such questions. Training programs include case studies in their courses.
  6. Microsoft documentation: Microsoft documentation provides programming and management instructions that you use while writing applications. You can refer to this documentation to understand the standards to be followed while writing your answers. You can refer to this documentation to study various topics. The contents are organized into indexes and web pages.

AZ 303 exam is not an easy exam considering the number of questions and the limited time for preparation. The topics included in this exam require dedicated time and effort. It is essential to acknowledge the complexity of this exam. The standards of the 303 exams are high, and you must invest in the required measures to pass this exam. You are required to score 700 or higher out of 1000 for Microsoft certification.

You need to pass two exams, AZ 303 Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies and AZ 304 Microsoft Azure Architect Design, to earn the certificate of Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert. This is a globally recognized certification and allows you to work in leading companies globally; it is worth investing in this exam. The average annual salary of a certified Azure solutions architect is $103,563 in the United States. The demand for experienced professionals is high. Since you need to have experience of a certain level in some fields for attempting this exam, having AZ 303 certification proves a great range of skill sets.

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