Be a Fashionista with Your Personality Traits

Be a Fashionista with Your Personality Traits

by Manish Singh

When it comes to fashion, everyone has their own individual style through which they express their mood, preferences and their personality. In fact, clothes have the power to provide a general idea of what the person is like and what they represent by choosing garments according to the occasion, time or their current mood.

Because of that, people often aren’t aware of the selection of clothes they make until someone points it out. This simply proves that fashion and personality are related and complete each other in a unique way.

In general, a person’s disposition is shown through various fashion styles that most of the time fit the individual’s lifestyle.

To better understand the close relationship between the two concepts, here is a breakdown of the five most common personality traits and how they can be manipulated by personal style.

Clean and simple

Clean and simple are personality traits that best describe the classic fashion personality. People who like this style usually opt for neutral looks and shades that reflect their simplicity and effortlessness such as fitted t-shirts and killer jeans.

This doesn’t mean that this individual’s style is dull, but instead they know how to look good and be the life of the party while wearing a graphic tee, some denim bottoms and a pair of Chuck Taylors.

For example, going for inspirational Christian apparel for women made from comfortable fabrics with quotes and designs that spread positivity while expressing your devotion are the most sought-after garments among classic fashion lovers. They can be easily styled and give a special touch to the individual’s overall lifestyle.


Sporty fashion style is usually followed by those who love comfort and are big proponents of physical activities. Such individuals mainly opt for athletic gear like track pants, gym shorts and workout shirts that they sometimes pair with jeans and tanks.

For example, spandex leggings are the most commonly preferred garment piece that is worn by women who rock the sporty style. Most of the time, they combine it with a loose workout tee and tennis shoes that represent their active and always-on-the-go personality.

When they want to take their sporty look to another level, they usually go for on-trend biker shorts and a neon-trimmed anorak topped off with a baseball cap to add some chicness to their overall ensemble.


Extroverts are outgoing, free-spirited people who like unusual clothes with bright colors and loud, catchy designs. They don’t really follow some strict fashion rules and aren’t afraid to experiment with different styles, shades and patterns. Such individuals are in fact as spontaneous as the clothing pieces they choose to wear.

For example, wide-leg pants are a perfect example of a garment that extroverted girls usually opt for. They mainly rely on their creativity and open-mindedness to pair such bottoms with lace tops or bell sleeves to add a personal touch and bring something new and exciting to their look.

In fact, such fashionistas combine items that you wouldn’t think go together, but if you make the right choices, they can totally work.


The feminine fashion style is full of florals, lace and pastel colors, all of which describe a fashion lover with a girly and romantic personality. Such ladies fill their wardrobes with long skirts, cute blouses, maxi dresses and hats that make them look stylish and well-put-together.

The great thing about this fashion style is that it can be worn for any casual or formal occasion. That is because the clothing pieces that represent it are both chic and elegant and make the person look like a real lady with great fashion taste.

To add more femininity to the looks, pretty heels and stylish flat sandals are a very popular choice that can be paired with any type of girly clothes.


The sophisticated fashion personality is the perfect combination of being modest and chic. Women who follow this style are usually part of the business world and opt for elegant clothing pieces they can wear to work, networking events and formal parties.

The whole point of the sophisticated fashion style is about putting together well-designed items and letting confidence shine through. This includes wearing slim pantsuits and pencil in traditional colors paired with tops that have modest necklines.

Such looks are often topped off with pretty pump heels, statement pieces of jewelry and elegant handbags to elevate the look and enhance their classy lifestyle.

Just remember to choose high-quality fabrics such as velvet, silk or cashmere to portray a sophisticated image and feel like a queen.

Final thoughts

You may not realize it, but the clothing pieces you choose to wear each day say a lot about you and your personality. Anything from the colors you like to your current state of mind has a great impact on the fashion choices you make. To many, this is the perfect way to give a sense of what they are really like and how they want others to see them.

So, in order to be a true fashionista, define your personal style and choose the garments that best reflect it.

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