Be the True Attention-Grabber at the Party!

Be the True Attention-Grabber at the Party!

by Manish Singh

Rock The Floor In Casuals!

Casual parties provide the best opportunities for showing your true inner self to the world. There’s no place for the hesitation and shying away because no one is judging! Even if you dress up as a clown for a costume party, no one will bet an awkward eye on you as they too would be there as the funkiest version of themselves. So, it’s always safe when it comes to styling up for a costume party. If you choose for a superhero look and wear a Captain Marvel Jacket, stay prepared to meet the entire Marvel Family there! Opting for your favorite cartoon characters is also a good option if funky is the theme.

When we see kids running around the entire neighborhood, we know it’s time for Halloween! Halloween parties are the life of this day. People dress up to scare everyone out and have fun. Many trendsetters go one step ahead of the others and choose a rather fun or sophisticated look. Like dressing up as a French fries or a taco is an edgy option. Isn’t it? If you want to grab everyone’s attention, try going for underrated characters from the movies.

Like, go for a Hawkeye look from the Avengers Family instead of the common Captain America look. Or choose Sandy Cheeks or Mr. Krab’s character from the SpongeBob SquarePants. If the event is a Cosplay, you need to act out too! These parties are the trickiest ones, so choosing the right costume is a must. Pulling off popular games looks are also hot picks. Go for something other than usual and show up as a sexier version of Princess Peach from the ‘Mario Brothers.’ Or put on a great SFX makeup and be a headless bride to scare the hell out of everyone!

Beach parties knock at our doors as soon as we see the summers coming. Some people rush to the beaches when the moon is full to spend all night there. Well, standing out from the crowd of hundreds looks difficult, but it’s not impossible! Dress up in a funky Aloha shirt with ripped jeans or a long maxi if you’re looking to cover yourself. Wear a cute bikini top or tank top with shorts if showing the skin is the priority. You can pull off the casual printed jackets here too by styling them with plain inner and skirts. Just go for the coolest accessories and see every jaw-dropping as you walk by on the streets.

Another cool theme for the parties is vintage. Looks from the ’80s and ’90s are evergreen as they add a fun element to the boring casual party looks. Take out your florals now and slay them! Not just that, those funky colored printed top-layers, which you were always hesitant to wear, are going to give you the perfect retro-modern finish. Skater dresses, Hawaiian shirts, and baggy pants all are the ideal outfits for a vintage themed party. Go for the classic bold makeup and hairstyle for that ultra-edge!

Look Chic With The Perfect Pick For Formal Party!

If you hear the wedding bells from a distance, it’s better to start your preparations way before the actual event. These events require a strict formal dress code, and finding the perfect fit is the key. Get a classic, sophisticated look in suits and tuxedos or go for an edge with different outerwear. Wear a trench coat or a semi-formal jacket over the formal shirt and pants instead of the traditional suits. Opting for vests is also going to give you an edge. Find every eye-getting stuck on you, but don’t steal the thunder of the bride and groom!

Graduation, prom, and farewell parties are the semi-formal parties where you have to look good at every cost. Going for a beautiful slip dress or a crinoline frock is the layman’s way of dressing up. Opt for a cooler look this time and wear a motorcycle jacket over the formal attire to get a semi-formal look. Or go for a deep neckline knee-length dress paired with a scarf dropping off from the shoulders landing on your elbows for prom party. Just give your typical formal look a rather smart look for that uniqueness!

For business events, dressing up in a formal outfit is the standard way of living life. Spice up your life now and choose something from the semi-formals. Like wear a leather jacket instead of a tuxedo coat or go for striped designs if you usually prefer plain ones. Many people get hesitant when going for a change, so opting for a different color this time is also a good option. Go for a darker color like burgundy or brown if you normally dress up in greys or blacks.

Now, if you got really lucky to go to a movie or TV series premier, you can show love to your favorite actors in a sophisticated semi-formal way. Like, show up in a Serpents Jacket when the new season of ‘Riverdale’ comes out. Wear it over a basic turtleneck or shirt and look classy. Hope that you get to meet your Serpents’ leader! Just follow the ideas and steal the spotlight wherever you go in the most dapper way.

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