Best Free Screen Recorder 2021

Best Free Screen Recorder 2021

by Manish Singh

Do you ever wonder how easy it has become to capture and record anything on your computer screen? A reliable free screen recorder with some amazing features is all that you require. What about getting a free online screen recorder to record or stream anything on your PC screen?

Although you will find a lot of screen recorders online, iFun Screen Recorder is a tool that is more than special. It is a remarkable tool that has set screen recording standards so high that all other screen recording tools horribly fail to match. Its astonishing features are beyond imagination. Flexible screen capture, facecam recording, multiple outputs/convert formats, recording screen with audio, and many other features of iFun Screen Recorder make it a pure screen recording application.

How to choose the best online screen recorder for yourself?

Screen recording software has made screen recording exceptional easy and effortless. You have the option to record either the whole display or a specific part of it. Most of those screen recorders record narration through your microphone and also record your screen with your system’s audio sound. But, similarities end at this point.

All of the available online screen recorders do not have all the features you require from a screen recorder. For example, not all of them can record in high-definition (HD) or come with an option to save the output in multiple formats. Thus, you need to evaluate your screen recording needs first and then choose a free recording software for yourself. iFun Screen Recorder should the best choice for most of us.

Why iFun Screen Recorder is the best free screen recorder for you?

Once you thoroughly evaluate your screen recording needs, you will find iFun Screen Recorder is the best tool among all the online screen recorders. The reason is obvious – its remarkable features that other free screen recorders fail to match. Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes it the easiest screen recorder you will ever have. It comes with the following remarkable features;

  • Flexible screen capture: enables it to record and capture from the whole display to a particular area, record every bit of details, and also cut off every interference.
  • Facecam recording: allows it to record your face in videos like game recordings, tutorials, etc.
  • HD recording: enables it to record your screen in HD without any lagging, thus making your videos highly smooth.
  • Screenshots during screen recording: enable users to take screenshots during screen recording and have a unique user experience.
  • Multiple output formats: allows users to select an output format of their choice from multiple supported formats and save screen recording outputs as they want.
  • Record the screen with audio: enable iFun Screen Recorder to record every syllable of your system’s speaker and microphone on your headset.
  • Video editing: enables iFun Screen Recorder to not only record videos or take screenshots but also provide you a tool to edit your videos effectively.

No time limit & no watermark with iFun Screen recorder.

If you want to record without watermark. iFun Screen Recorder should be the best free screen recorder for you.

Just untick Add watermark to video in Settings of iFun Screen Recorder. Then, the recorded videos should be as clean as you want. Besides, you can also customize your own watermark to your videos to protect your videos from being copied.

There is no limitation on recording length of iFun Screen Recorder. However, the recording could be limited by the capacity of free drive space where you save the recorded files to. Thus, please ensure you have enough free space for saving the recording videos.

Quick-share to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, etc. by iFun Screen recorder.

After you completed the recording, it allows you to directly share your videos to several online video platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch.

Add Muse Click Effects When Recording Lectures, Online Classes or Webinars with iFun Screen recorder.

To meet your personal requirements of recoding some special contents, such as webinars, lectures, presentations Online Classes or Webinars, it enables you to add mouse click effects by highlighting the cursor and adding animation to the mouse click actions, which makes your lectures or online classes clearer and more interesting.

Final thoughts

Screen recording has become the need of our daily life. It has become a crucial activity from businesses to education. Do you also need a highly sought-after online screen recorder for screen recording? Then iFun Screen Recorder is the best of the best for you. It is absolutely free, available for all recent Windows versions, and easy to use. So, download and install this handy iFun Screen Recorder to avail all premium features for free. No worries about missing online classes or lectures. Enjoy films or popular videos anytime anywhere with with iFun Screen Recorder now!

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