Best Productive Applications for Students

Best Productive Applications for Students

by Manish Singh

Many students face challenges of losing focus when trying to concentrate on their studies. On, we will divide the applications into different categories to make it easier. When managing your time, you should consider setting aside time for resting. The applications will help you in maximizing your productivity. The categories are.

Staying Focused

Are you the type of student who sets aside time to study then ends up going through social media applications? If yes, it means that you are following the right track. The applications below will assist you to focus on your goals and, to some extent, block distractions causing sites.


It is available on Chrome extension, iOS, and Android.

It costs about $2.79 on the iOS platform, while it is free on Android. The application uses a creative approach to make you remain on track. When you want to begin studying, you need to open the app and ‘plant’ a tree in the ‘Forest.’ So, as you continue working, the tree grows, but when you pick your phone and exit from the application, the tree dies. The more trees you plant, the more you get to focus. The app’s developers also do plant trees in real life.


The app is available on Chrome extension, and it is free when you opt for personal plans. As a student, you tend to use laptops many times to either work or take your notes. The app takes effect by blocking distracting sites as you work, such as YouTube and Facebook. The app also gives a summary of your time while using the laptop. Thus, you get to know the duration you are either distracted or productive.


The app is available on Chrome extension, iOS, and Android. The good news is that it is free for all platforms. It has a perfect fusion of beautiful design, wellness, and productivity. You can set your focus sessions in this app, and you can personalize them as much as you desire. It also has calm music, white noise, and nature sounds to help you focus on your tasks. Whenever you leave the application when you are on a session, you will be failing in that session. Other features in the app like a nap, sleep, daily quotes, and meditation will help you achieve your goals.

Cold Turkey

The app or software is available on both Windows and macOS, and it supports all browsers. The basic plan is free and suitable for students. In this platform, you start a timer that, in turn, blocks all the distracting sites. You can go to the extent of blocking the whole internet if need be. It barely allows any app to operate, so it will work best to keep you on track when studying.

Time Management

As noted by the assignment help service, when you are in university, you need to manage your time well to excel in your education. When you use the applications below, you do not have to carry around physical planners all the time.

Google Calendar

It is available on iOs, Android, and web applications. It is free as you do not have to pay to use any service. The Calendar is simple, classic, and practical so that you will find many people using it. You can organize your events, classes, assignment deadlines, and extracurricular across all gadgets. With the friendly interface, you can easily see your daily commitments on the app. You can also change the view to either weekly or monthly to monitor what awaits you. In addition, you can go the extra mile in setting reminders before the actual dates so that you can prepare in advance.

Microsoft To Do

The application or software is available on Android, macOS, iOS, Web application, and Windows.

It comes for free making it suitable for university and college students. The application allows you to access all your to-do lists daily on clean outlook. Moreover, you can add tasks and subtasks in this app, making it easy and straightforward to achieve your goals.


In universities, learning should be enjoyable, and when you have a proper system to help you take notes, you can excel in academics more.

Microsoft OneNote

The app is available on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. It is free to use the application. It is a digital notebook that lets you note down notes for all subjects to arrange the notes in categories, sections, and pages. It is flexible, paper-like, and powerful, making it best for students.


The application is available on various browser extensions, Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. It is free for the basic plans and student-friendly. The app has a lot of features apart from notetaking, like retrieving texts from pictures or images. You can also scan documents, save PDFs and web pages to your notebook. When using mobile phones, you can take notes by dictating to Ok Google or Siri.

With the right tool, your university life becomes simple, and learning becomes more interesting. When you are enjoying studying, your academic performance increases too.

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