Bleach Anime Return for Season 17 Release

Bleach Season 17 Release Date in 2021, Spoilers, Trailers and Latest Updates!

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Bleach is a hugely popular Japanese aminated Television Series which is produced by Studio Pierrot  and directed by Nariyuki Abe. This series is based on Tite Kubo’s manga novel which originated in Japan. This series was initially telecasted in Japan starting from year 2004 and continued till year 2012 with a total of 366 episodes spanning across these eight years as parts of 16 seasons.

when will bleach season 17 be released?

After Bleach Season 16 the fans had thought that they will never get to see the proper conclusion of their favorite series leaving them in a abrupt state. Finally the makers surprised the fans by announcing bleach anime return season 17 on 20th anniversary of manga series which was celebrated on March 2020. Bleach season 17 will be based on the final story arc,‘Thousand-Year Blood War”. The author of Bleach Tite Kubo’s Burn the Witch first four chapter was adapted for animation and released on october 2020.  Also you can read about the Ashram 3 Release Date 2021, Trailer, Cast.

To give an introduction about the hugely popular Bleach television series to the people who have not watched previous series,

  1. Bleach is an animation series based on the novel manga by Tite kubo.
  2. This novel consists of 74 volumes with 650 chapters.
  3. The story is based on a town named “Karakura Town”, the main character of this series Kurosaki Ichigo who is in his teens doing high school at the beginning of the story turns into soul reaper under some circumstances.
  4. After which he protects the people from evil spirits by fighting against them, as and when he faces new enemies his life takes a turn and the secret of his life is discovered.
  5. The whole series was telecasted in 366 episode over 8 years.
  6. After a gap of 8 years the makers have announced the conclusive series of Bleach during the 20th anniversary of Manga series in 2020 surprising the fans.
  7. This series is based on the final Arc of manga series ‘Thousand Year Blood war”.

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Plot of Bleach Season 17

The final arc of manga series ‘Thousand Year Blood war” in all consists of over more than 200 chapters, the chapter of the arc start from chapter 480 and ends by chapter 698 which means Bleach Season 17 will cover 218 chapters, around 20 episodes will be aired in all.Bleach Season 17 English Dub

It is expected that Bleach Season 17 “ The thousand Year Blood War” Arc is built around the story of the disappearance of Ichigo Hollo and the anarchy that follows in his absence. The Soul Society will be invaded by Wandenreich, a secret group and drawn into war. A War ensues between the Quincy and the Shinigami groups. On the other hand following Ichigo Hollow, his disappearance is explained by some really harsh training he undergoes to prevail in the fight with Wandenreich in his endeavour to save the Soul Society. This last season is expected to answer all the unanswered questions the previous seasons and episodes had created and left the audience to their own imagination.

Bleach Season 17 Release Date

Bleach new season 17 was all set to be released in the Spring 2021 Anime Release Calendar but due to the unforeseen covid-19 pandemic, there was a delay in production. Now things are back on track and production activities have resumed on this series. However, the exact release date is yet to be announced and is eagerly being awaited.

Bleach Anime Return for Season 17 Release

Bleach Season telecast channel and copyright

Bleach Series was telecasted in other international languages as well such as Spanish, French, German, Brazilian Portuguese and Tagalog. In US, Bleach was telecast from september 2006 to January 2015 on Adult swim. Foreign television and home video distribution rights to the Bleach anime was obtained by Viz Media in March 2006. 

The series of Bleach dubbed in english is available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Crunchyroll and on its official website Viz Media. Currently English dubbed Bleach Season 16 is streaming in Hulu and Netflix. Once the first episode of Bleach Season 17 gets released, the fans might be able to view the series on crunchyroll or Funimation.

Since the other series of Bleach was dubbed in English, Bleach Thousand year Blood War Arc is also expected to be dubbed in english as well. The dubbing will start only after the Japanese version is released, which means the eager fans will have to wait for some more time to watch in English. Until then Japanese Version of Bleach Season 17 with English subtitle should be available to satisfy the eager English audience of this series.

Details on Studio for Animation

During the announcement of Bleach Season 17 release, the creators have not mentioned anything about studio were they will be animating the final and the most-awaited Season of Bleach series. Back in 2004, anime was debuted in Studio Pierrot and all animation were handle in Pierrot studio. 


Hopefully they will be called back to wrap up the unfinished work with the upcoming series. However, neither the production nor anyone involved with series have confirmed officially on this.

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