Christmas Gift ideas for the family

Christmas Gift ideas for the family

by Manish Singh

10 gifts that are going to delight your family this Christmas

Getting everyone the perfect gift for Christmas is an art form that not all of us have mastered and that’s okay because lists like this exist.

We have narrowed down this list to 10 of the most perfect gifts that you can get your family this Christmas.

#1 – For the one with a green thumb

If you know someone who loves gardening then you might want to get them a set of rare and interesting seeds. For example, if they like tomatoes, then you can get them a set of seeds that include multiple types of tomato that you wouldn’t typically get in this country.

You can apply this idea to any fruit, vegetable, tree, herb, or flower.

#2 – For the one that loves cooking

If there is a meat fiend in your family, then a carving knife set can be the perfect Christmas gift. If you get a high enough quality set of knives then with the right care they can last for a lifetime.

Carving knives can be used when serving roast dinners, when barbequing, and even when baking. You’d be surprised how useful they can be.

You might want to consider throwing in a wet stone so that they can keep their knives sharp.

#3 – For the one who loves all things crime

If there is someone in your family that loves watching crime dramas or listening to true crime podcasts – then you should consider getting them the latest crime bestseller. Authors like Ian Rankin, Karen Slaughter, and Richard Osman have all been hits with crime fanatics over the last year.

Once they have finished the book, make sure they lend it to you first.

#4 – For the one who loves sports

If you have a huge sports fan in your family then you could get them a subscription to the online streaming service that shows their team’s game or for the upcoming pay-per-view event.

A lot of sports now show their matches on their own platform. Giving them the opportunity to watch every game of the season will make you very popular indeed.

#5 – For the one who loves crafts

If you know someone who loves crafts then you should consider getting them a crafting set. You can now get many “project in a box” sets. These sets come with everything you need to make the project as well as a guide showing you how to do it.

These boxes come in all sorts of themes and types of crafts. You will have no problem finding a project to suit them perfectly.

#6 – For the adrenaline lovers

Now that the world is opening up again, it’s time to help your adrenaline loving friends celebrate the great outdoors again. Why not get your danger-obsessed family member a lesson in a sport or activity they have never tried before.

Some great options for this are ice skating, roller derby, skateboarding, surfing, or rock climbing.

#7 – For the Star Wars fan

Star Wars fans have been a bit starved for content this year (especially compared to Marvel fans). However, there are some upcoming shows that fans are very excited about.

Why not help them to build the excitement by getting them some items themed around The Book of Boba Fett or Kenobi – the two Star Wars shows on the horizon.

#8 – For the gamer

If you don’t know much about the world of gaming then it can be hard to think of something to buy for a family member who loves gaming. Here are some items that they will always be grateful for:

  • HDMI cables
  • Headphones with a good microphone
  • Blue light glasses
  • Steam gift cards

#9 – For the writer

Writers can be really hard to buy for, however, if the writer in your life does not own the software called Scrivener then you need to get it for them this Christmas.

This is an amazing tool, designed by writers for writers. It has even been used by multiple bestselling authors over the last few years.

#10 – For the beer lover

Finally, for the beer lover in your life, you should look into some of the local beers made in your area.

Why not plan a day when you and the family member can visit some nearby bars to try these beers. Otherwise, you could book a tour around the local brewery where you can learn how the beer gets made and try samples.

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