by Manish Singh

Whether it’s Christmas, an annual party or a rewards and recognition ceremony, it is always a pressure to make corporate parties a memorable experience. The theme and ideas driving the party need to be different and new, as no one wants the same old boring office party year after year. And it is always challenging to meet the employees’ expectations. It makes matters worse if one has to do them on a tight budget. However, below are a few ideas to make upcoming corporate parties a fun-filled and exceptional event.

Putting One’s Game Face On – 2020 has been the year of challenges for individuals as well as businesses. With most employees working from home, it isn’t easy to meet up and have a physical party. But just because one’s coworkers are distant, it doesn’t mean they should forget about office party fun.

There are several games teams can play online. Who knew John was such a good actor? Or Laila was a fantastic painter? Pictionary, Trivia or Charades are few more games which one can play in teams online. Of course, only a few will taste victory!

Healthy Breakfast – Why not surprise the team today with a healthy breakfast? One can do it for a project that received appreciation or for an employee who got promoted. People love surprises in their personal as well as professional lives. One can talk to their nearby breakfast joints that offer healthy juices and sandwiches and have them deliver it to the team in their homes. What’s more, for bulk orders, these vendors will also give reasonable discounts.

Costume Party – Why not try a costume party for Halloween or even this year’s annual party? People can see how fun and crazy their coworkers can be. Don’t forget to distribute rewards for the best dressed!

Sports Events – With people working on computers and laptops these days, physical activity has become a rare thing. A football or a cricket match will remind people of all the fun they used to have and will also remind them how important physical activity is for wellness and happiness. There can also be different competitions like rugby, hockey, baseball, etc. No matter whether one loses or wins, they will go back home after having a lot of fun!

Virtual Cocktail Parties – Even though working from home has become a convenient thing, one must not forget to celebrate with their coworkers. Some vendors can home deliver cocktail kits, and teams can enjoy happy hours after work. These vendors ensure that one can have the fun of a party in the comforts of one’s home. Employees can also choose from a wide variety of drinks that they wish to indulge in for the night. And who knows, one could learn mixing drinks from a coworker.

Potluck – No matter how old, a potluck is always fun. It is a great way to explore one’s cooking abilities and to connect with their coworkers. Additionally, one may get to know that their coworker is an expert with a recipe they have been struggling to master. Appreciation for office work is one thing; one can always appreciate coworkers for their other skills as well, like cooking.

Karaoke Night – Don’t have singing talent? No problem! One can have lots of fun butchering popular music with colleagues and friends. Book the fun Karaoke bar for the next office party and the team will love it.

The list of ways to celebrate is endless. The point is to have a break from routine and have fun partying to rejuvenate the team’s spirit! There are bizarre Corporate themes that one can plan for their next office party. The advantage of having a corporate party at one’s home is that no one will be driving home drunk, and everyone can unwind in the comfort of their homes.

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