Cracked heels are a problem that affects about 20 % of American adults. But here are some home remedies that are effective for treating cracked heels.

Cracked Heels: Causes And Home-Based Remedies

by Manish Singh

According to a study, about 20 percent of American adults, both males, and females, experience cracked skin over feet. This makes it one of the very common issues. Cracked heels might indicate an underlying medical condition, or it might also suggest some routine mistakes generally made.

Cracked heels do not only affect appearance, but at times they can become a source of discomfort and pain. There could be a number of medical or non-medical causes behind it. Knowing the root cause will help to treat and prevent it. Mildly cracked heels can be treated and fixed effectively with the use of some home remedies.

Causes Of Cracked Heels

Cracked heels generally indicate very low and insufficient moisture in the skin around the feet. This dryness could occur due to a number of reasons and may even become severe and more painful if not treated. Some common causes of cracked heels


Habitually not taking and drinking enough water has a direct influence on the skin. It can also make your feet’ skin dry and scaly. Consistent dryness eventually results in cracked heels. Thus, make sure to drink a sufficient amount of water to avoid such issues

Routine Care Mistakes

Routine care mistakes are the biggest factor that causes cracked heels most of the time. Walking around barefooted, using more open sandals, not moisturizing feet skin, taking hot baths, and more frequently soaking feet in hot water can also result in cracked heels.

Medical Condition

Many times cracked heels are the result of medical conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and other skin problems. In such cases, it is better to consult a doctor and ask what you can do to control it.

Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol abuse can affect lower limbs and feet, and it can also cause cracked heels. Excessive consumption of alcohol can make the skin extremely dehydrated. Furthermore, it can also result in serious conditions such as edema.

In addition to civilians, alcohol abuse is quite evident in military personnel who separate from the military. In addition to many physiological health issues, alcohol abuse can trigger many psychological issues.

Both civilians and veterans can get recovery treatment from rehab centers. State provides recovery facilitates to veterans through numerous rehab programs. This will help veterans in getting sobriety and avoid all related problems.

Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

There are many home remedies that can help to treat cracked heels and make them less painful and less noticeable. Incorporating these remedies in routine can help to get rid of cracked heels over a period of time. Some of these remedies are as following

Heel Balms And Moisturizers

The first and foremost thing you can do to fix the problem of cracked heels is to moisturize the skin of your feet and heels. You can apply heel balm and moisturizers, which are relatively thick in consistency as compared to regular skin moisturizers. It helps and works deep down in the skin. You might notice results immediately right after application.

For better results, moisturize your feet and heels at least two to three times a day. You may also get some medicated heel balms that not only moisturize the skin but are also useful in getting relief from pain and sensation. A little tingling sensation is normal and might get away with consistent application.

Soak And Exfoliate

Generally, the skin around heels is very hard, thick, and drier. It is essential to get rid of this dead and hard skin. You can get rid of this skin by soaking and exfoliating feet occasionally. Exfoliating skin will also help to moisturize inner skin.

Never forget to apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly to the skin after soaking or exfoliating it. Covering up your skin by wearing socks will also help to keep the skin hydrated and moisturized. You can also use some massage oil. It will make you feel even more relaxed.

Liquid Bandage

The liquid bandage comes in the form of sprays, and it is very effective, especially when the cracks are more painful and sensitive. It helps to bind cracked skin and avoid getting wounds around cracked skin. Such bandage is considered to be effective and is extensively used.

The good thing about it is that you can buy it online and from nearby grocery stores. It is easily accessible, and it does not require a medical prescription. There are no side effects of it. You can also easily move around outside with such liquid bandages.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is very skin-friendly. It helps to keep skin hydrated and is very effective against cracked heels. It is also anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, which makes it very effective in avoiding infection around deeper cracks of the skin.

Applying and massaging coconut oil helps the skin to retain its moisture. Coconut oil is often recommended for many skin problems such as dry skin, eczema, and other skin conditions.


Honey is multifunctional. It not only hydrates and moisturizes the skin but also effectively cleanses the skin. Furthermore, its antimicrobial properties make it very effective for wounds and painful cracks. There are multiple ways you can use it. You may even apply a honey mask over cracked skin and leave it overnight.

Other Remedies

There are many other home remedies that are effective in treating cracked heels, and these remedies aim to moisturize and hydrate skin. Anyone can use these remedies at home with the ingredients that are available to them. You may also use vinegar, mashed bananas, olive oil, and paraffin wax for the same purpose.

In addition to these remedies, you can also take some preventive measures to avoid cracked heels, such as you can replace open sandals with more comfortable closed ones. Furthermore, put in some effort to moisturize your skin regularly.

Take Away

These home remedies can effectively help with cracked heels; however, caution is required. You need to be gentler with dry skin, or otherwise, it may worsen. It is better to consult your doctor in case the cracked heel is resulting due to an underlying medical condition.

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