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by rohannew

As if the current Syria-Iran proxy war is not enough, now there is a new potential international terrorist organization with the name Crisis 2021. This group is made up of radical international terrorists who believe the United States and its leadership is not truthful in their assessments of the world situation and they wish to do whatever they can to kill Americans, Israeli Jews, and anybody else of importance to them. Although smaller than al Qaeda and smaller still than Hezbollah, this new terrorist group may be more dangerous than either of those. In fact it is probably a combination of both, considering it has the advantage of being a smaller, nastier group, yet it also has the appeal of being just as deadly as either group while hiding behind its false identity as a social group. No one knows what they are planning, but it is sure something very bad is in store for America and we must stop it now.

Although many believe that the current conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are the root cause of Crisis 2100 there is no doubt that the instability of the Middle East and lack of reliable governments will fuel instability throughout the region. Iran is in hot water and is backing proxy groups in conflicts in Syria and Iraq, but it is also supplying fighters to Hezbollah in its struggle against Israel. The United Nations and the United States have had a difficult time with Iran on this issue because they have slapped harsh sanctions on the country, but apparently Iran will not be sanctioned for backing proxy groups. Iran has yet to make a secret offer to the President of Syria to hand over twenty five percent of its oil production or more of its gas reserves to secure Israel from attack and stop the flow of weapons into Iran.

Language English
Released Date March 16, 2021 (Canada)
Duration 118minutes
Category Hollywood
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crisis 2021 subtitles

As we move forward into the next decade we will have many challenges, so it is important that we are prepared for all potential eventualities. So what is our plan for crisis 2021? We need to plan for the terrorist group known as “Crisis 2021” which many experts call a future terrorist organization equivalent to al Qaeda and Hezbollah in the areas of fundraising, propaganda, and attacks on Western interests in the region. What we need is a comprehensive strategy which takes all these threats into account and develops a comprehensive plan for war and peace in the Middle East and North Africa and an improved worldwide response to all humanitarian emergencies.

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