Das Boot (1981) – English Subtitles Download

by rohannew

There are three major differences between the Boots that were worn by soldiers in the early days and those of today’s fashion conscious men. The first and the least noticeable of these differences is the material that the shoes are made from. The original boots were made from animal hide with spikes on them, while today’s version can be found in a range of different materials. Leather, suede, canvas, and rubber are just some of the materials that are used in the manufacturing of the Das Boot.

The second noticeable difference is the design of the boots. While the original boot was a closed design with the heel raised to protect the foot, today’s versions feature a more open design that makes them look more sporty. The raised heel, however, ensures that the boots will remain comfortable during long hours of standing or walking.

Language English
Released Date 17 September 1981
Duration 149minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

das boot 1981 subtitles

The third and most important difference between the Das Boot and other similar shoes is the style of the buckles that secure the laces. The original boots featured large buckles on the top half, while the modern ones have smaller buckles on the bottom half. The reasoning for this is that it provides adequate protection to the wearer, as well as allowing the wearer to style the shoes to his/her own tastes. This is perhaps one of the reasons that the Boots have remained popular for so long – people like to wear shoes that they can alter to their own tastes and can easily do so.

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