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by rohannew

The dawn of the beast has arrived again. Written by Steve Berry and starring Ed Norton, the film version of this novel is being widely hailed as one of the best horror movies of 2021. Set during a gruesomely vivid 20th century in which the forces of good are on the verge of victory over a dark and malevolent force of evil called The Beast, only the dark Prince Charming can stand up against the tide. As the name suggests, the movie starts where the book ended, and while that isn’t necessarily bad, it can get a little confusing, especially for first time movie goers. With the book’s storyline already completed, what can the filmmakers do to add something new and fresh in its depiction of the locale?

One way to accomplish this is to have the story told from the point of view of a character who doesn’t know the full story, and isn’t particularly invested in solving the mystery. This is the case with Angelina Jolie’s character, Pennyroyal, who essentially acts as an agent provocateur, trying to tip off the authorities as to the real location of the Beast, while also attempting to seduce the object of her affections. As dreadful and twisted as this villainy may be, it helps create a different type of thrill. While some viewers may not appreciate a man-made threat as potent and destructive as Pennyroyal’s, there’s no doubting the effect it has on the character of Pennyroyal herself.

Language English
Released Date April 6, 2021
Duration 82minutes
Category Hollywood
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dawn of the beast 2021 subtitles

Another way to add an interesting element to this already remarkable film is to have someone from the antagonist’s side appear in a supporting role. This hasn’t been done before (there’s a scene in the book where The Beast attacks his creator, but no one ever shows up on screen) and it makes for an interesting counterpoint to the otherwise quite gleeful villainy. It also helps heighten the suspense and surprise that the novel so ably develops. In addition, Mirren appears in the novel, but didn’t appear in the film adaptation.

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