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by rohannew

Many people still remember the existence of the “Dead Poets Society” in Salem, Massachusetts in the 1990s. The group’s stated goal was to bring together dead poets in order to share their works and let others know of their lives after their death. Of course, many people had different ideas about what a dead poet was and whether they were worthy of being remembered or not. There are a few things that have remained consistent throughout the history of the organization, however, and have kept it alive for the past twenty years or so.

First, the Dead Poets Society did not judge the dead poets, they simply shared their poetry with those who wanted to acquire it. Some people would post an ad seeking a particular poem and if they were unable to locate it, they simply did not accept it. So many of the poets who did post advertisements for their work did so anonymously because of the nature of their work. This society did not judge them, they simply acted as if their poems were lost in the winds of time and will never see the light of day again. This philosophy has allowed a wider audience to find and acquire poetry from than before.

Language English
Released Date June 2, 1989
Duration 129minutes
Category Hollywood
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dead poets society 1989 subtitles

Second, many of the poems written by the members of this society have gone on to be published all over the world. This is because they are well worth publishing because they are very creative works of art. Many times a writer will sit down and write about something that has happened to them, or a situation that they have found themselves in, and come up with a wonderful poem about it. Then, they might share the poem with another person who may be in need of a poetry piece of such a nature. By sharing these works, other people can experience the feeling, the emotions, and the depths of human emotions that can only truly be understood through poetry.

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