Demonic (2021) – English Subtitles Download

by rohannew

Demonic Addiction is a unique novel written by Kevin Dunn and promises to be the start of something really big in the supernatural world. It’s a completely original take on what would happen if The Necromancer and similar characters like him came out of the modern world and mingled with the world of darkness and horror. I haven’t read anything else by Dunn but this novel really caught my attention because of the plot and the way it was written.

Demonic Addiction starts out as a story about a man called Jason who becomes addicted to crystal meth. He becomes a very violent man, even beating his family and wife so badly he has to be put into a coma for nearly a year. He also becomes very depressed and is contemplating suicide. Then a psychic healer named Kim comes to town and starts to help him.

Language English
Released Date August 20, 2021
Duration 104minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

demonic 2021 subtitles

The story kicks off in the present day as Jason is still in a coma and is being cared for by his friend Peter. Shortly after passing out, Jason wakes up in a cell and sees his family dead, his friend smashing his skull, and his dog muttering in pain. The next time he looks, his family has vanished. Jason then finds himself in a mental institute called Ivy Gloivet where, much to his dismay, his possessions have been taken. With nowhere to live, he begins to contemplate suicide by killing himself with the sword Kishin, but his luck changes when a newly arrived demon appears before him.

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