Dirilis Ertuğrul Subtitles Download for Free [SRT and Zip File]

by Manish Singh

Dirilis Ertuğrul subtitles download in SRT and Zip File. Download Dirilis subtitles in different languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Indonesia, Malay, Bangla, Marathi, Malayalam, Sinhala, Chinese, Spanish, French, and more. Use these srt subtitles files for playing the video with subtitles in formats like 480p, 720P, 1080p, BluRay, Webrip & HDRip, DVdscr, DVDRip. 

If you want to enjoy  Dirilis full web series with subtitles then you have landed on the right page, ytssubtitles is one of the most popular websites for downloading subtitles for movies, tv shows, web series, and more. You can download subtitles srt files on Windows (7/8/8.1/10), Mackbook (iOS), and on smartphones (Android and iPhones) using different media players.


This plot is based on fictional Turkish history and adventure stories. It was directed by Metin Günay. The main lead is Engin Altan Duzyatan. The show mainly revolved around the true-life story of Oghuz Turks which took place around the 13th centenary.

It showed the journey of Ertugrul, his son was Osman. They discovered the Ottoman Empire. Suleyman Shah sent Ertugrul along with other people to the sultan to decide to keep the nomad group. Ertugrul was captured by Mongols but after a certain time, he succeeded in flying and after he returned a tension was created between the tribe. Meanwhile, in the tribe, they started plotting against each other to become powerful which led to a big war and Ertugrul along with 400 people and his brothers started the journey towards western Anatolia. They had to fight against the more powerful tribe of Anatolia. Then he succeeded to achieve the places and the power he wanted but meanwhile he was gaining a lot of enemies too. After a lot of plotting and killing, Ertugrul got married and then came Osman’s birth. In the end, he again married Ilbilge and led towards the war meanwhile Osman grew up and took the sword from Suleyman and promised to spread the belief and power around the world.


  • Dirilis Season 1 
  • Dirilis Season 2
  • Dirilis Season 3 
  • Dirilis Season 4 
  • Dirilis Season 5 

How to Download Dirilis Subtitles on Media Players (For PC and Mobile)

Below is the step by step guidance to enjoy the web series with subtitles.

  1. Firstly download Dirilis subtitles srt from the subtitle download link. 
  2. Now, move the subtitle srt file to the same web series folder.
  3. Now, you can play a web series with subtitles on windows media player for Windows 7/8/8.1/10. 
  4. However, if you’re using other media players such as MX player, VLC player, or GOM player, then right click on the add subtitle option, then select the file from the folder. Below you can read a detailed guide on how you can add it to MX Player and VLC player.
  5. Now, if you want to enjoy the web series on mobile or tablet, all you need to place the downloaded  Dirilis Subtitles file on the same web series folder where you have downloaded it. Mobile players will start showing the subtitles automatically.

 Dirilis Subtitles Download SRT and ZIP File

Dirilis Subtitles Download srt file 

Dirilis Subtitles Download zip file 

Dirilis Full web series Download With Subtitles

How to Add Dirilis Subtitles to VLC Player/MX Player/ GOM Player? 

  1. First of all, Open VLC Player/MX Player/ GOM Player on your device.
  2. Now, on your VLC Player/MX Player/ GOM Player, select “Media > Open File”, you will find the option on the top menu bar, now select “Open.”
  3. Now select “Subtitle > Add Subtitle File” VLC Player/MX Player/ GOM Player will now display your subtitles!

How to Add Dirilis Subtitles to Windows Player?

  1. First of all, keep the web series file and srt file on the same folder with the same name.
  2. Now, click on Play > Lyrics, captions, and subtitles > On if available. 

Note: You can download third party codec if it’s not working. 

If you’re facing any difficulties with downloading subtitles, please contact us.

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