Do you need a jury consultant for your case? Yes! Here is why

Do you need a jury consultant for your case? Yes! Here is why

by Manish Singh

Jury consultants are some of the most important professionals who will be working on the court case. Although you may think the lawyers and the judge are the people who really decide what is going to happen to the defendant or the prosecution, the truth is the jury consultant is one of the most influential people who can help shape the future course of the trial. Just think about it – the jury is the people who are chosen to help decide if a person is innocent or guilty based on the provided testimony of the defense counsel and the prosecution counsel.

If the jury is biased, uneducated, or does not understand the case, this can lead to issues with the arraignment of the individual. If the jury is clearly biased in one direction, this can lead to an unfair trial that was not composed of the person’s peers. By choosing the best jury that is representative of the entire population that the person lives in and hiring a jury consultant to educate the individuals, you can avoid having any issues with the trial’s validity moving forward.

But what exactly does a jury do? What is their main purpose in the courtroom? Why do you need a jury consultant? This is a common question that is typically asked by the lawyers on both sides of the case – and the clients. However, once the client understands more of what the jury consultant does, they see how important this individual will be in the future of their case.

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Jury consultants are professionals who are well0vesrd in human psychology and human behaviors. Although lawyers are trained to help you get off scot-free from your case or help prosecute someone to the fullest extent of the law, the jury consultants have a different job – they’re in charge of understanding how the jury’s minds work, how they are perceiving information, and how they are going to interpret the facts provided by both sides of the case.

Without jury consultants, the case would not be able to move forward fairly. Jury consultants are the professionals in the court case who will help study human behavior and determine the effectiveness of the lawyers’ arguments with the individuals. Since there will be a wide range of humans on the jury panel, the jury consultant will help the lawyers with their arguments, choosing the individuals to go on jury selection, and assessing the effectiveness of each side’s case strategy depending on the current jurors.

  • Juror research – The first main task of the jury consultants for your court case is the jury research. The jury consultant needs to do enough research on the jury to figure out who would be a good fit for the case, who is unqualified to judge the case, and who would be biased and unable to fairly see both sides of the case. The jury consultant will be able to narrow down the extensive list of potential individuals by using specific tactics, such as focus groups or mock trials. The jury constants will gather the data from these methods and then analyze the data to see who are the best individuals to be used by each client.
  • Case assessment – The second main purpose of the jury consultant is the case assessment. The professional will have to assess the damages of the case and see how the client can develop their settlement strategy as the case moves forward.
  • Case themes – The third aspect of a case that the jury consultant will formulate is the case theme. Every single case that comes across the judge needs a theme – the jury consultant will discuss with both lawyers the theme that they are interested in using to help their client win their case.
  • Evaluate witnesses – The fourth aspect of the jury consultant will be to evaluate witnesses. The jury consultant will have to determine if the witnesses are reliable, credible, and telling the truth. The jury consultant will have to ensure the person is not being fed information and they are using their own eyewitness testimony to further the case. If the jury consultant finds the person is not able to mentally be prepared for court, they will choose new witnesses for the case.
  • Voir Dire Strategy – The last aspect at a jury’s consensual will in a court of law is the Voir Dire strategy – this often overlooked, but very important, part of the trial strategy focuses on the time at which the jurors have their first chance to hear from each attorney. This is the first impression that will set the tone for what the jury thinks of the case.


As you can see, hiring a jury constant is a very important part of the pretrial process. Using this professional is a foolproof way you can prepare witnesses, prepare for trial, and evaluate your current juror to see how you can win your case!

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