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Double indemnity 1944 was an insurance scheme which was introduced in the United Kingdom on 1st July 1944. This was the first ever insurance scheme in the United Kingdom that enabled a person to be insured for two distinct events. The cover of this particular type of insurance was intended to be suitable for people who were likely to have some involvement in war work, and also for members of the British armed forces who may come in touch with danger while on operations. This particular scheme has been implemented since then and has come quite handy for all those people who would like to get protection against such dangers while working.

There are certain benefits that you can get from this particular insurance scheme. For one, this is actually a kind of work cover which would give you complete peace of mind while working. In fact, there will be a clause that states that if any accident happens while you are engaged in your job, you will get indemnity from double indemnity. In fact, you will be protected from all kinds of expenses that you might face while getting medical attention. Moreover, double indemnity also comes with a certain amount of money back guarantee, which you can ask for in case you feel that you are not fully protected by the insurance scheme.

Language English
Released Date July 3, 1944 (United States)
Duration 107minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

double indemnity 1944 subtitles

Furthermore, a lot of people have benefited from this scheme, as they have been able to secure the right amount of insurance cover in a very short time. In fact, most employers actually encourage their workers to go for this kind of work cover. Some of the most popular work places that are involved in this insurance scheme include those which are engaged in agriculture, mining, construction and so on. However, the maximum coverage period that is allowed by this particular insurance scheme is only about two weeks.

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