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by rohannew

Eat Pray Love is a motivational book that teaches readers how to live a life filled with love and spiritual gratitude. author Ravi Senkel describes his own personal journey toward a more meaningful and prosperous life as he searched for answers to make his life meaningful. When the smoke cleared, he found that all he really wanted was to eat pray love every day. This book not only teaches the benefits of eating, but also gives numerous examples of what this can look like on a daily basis. By encouraging Senkel to think positively instead of negatively throughout each day, many of his fears about failing were dissolved and he came to realize that he was in fact capable of reaching his goals.

Anyone who has ever tried to eat a meal or read a book while sitting in traffic or at an airplane terminal knows just how difficult it can be to get into a calm meditation or state of mind. You often find yourself not thinking straight, unable to focus, or just plain tired from the energy drain. When you read Eat Pray Love, you are given the opportunity to literally take your mind off your troubles and concentrate on connecting to the inner source of all energy. This sounds impossible at first, but as the motivating words of the book take root in your mind, you begin to see just how simple and easy it can be to let go of the stress built up and just let God lead you to a place of healing and spiritual enlightenment.

Language English
Released Date August 13, 2010
Duration 133 minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

eat pray love 2010 subtitles

If you want to listen to a motivating book about positive living, then you should definitely download Eat Pray Love. Senkel shares plenty of inspiring words of wisdom and practical advice that can help guide you through the difficult times of your life, when you can feel like you are alone and everything is falling apart around you. Although some people may read this book with apprehension, it is important to note that this is a book that works. The positive messages within are very powerful and will help people see their lives in a much more positive light.

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