Effective And Last Minute DIY For Birthday

Effective And Last Minute DIY For Birthday

by Manish Singh

Birthday, this is the day when we celebrate the deduction of one year from our life very happily. Some people say, what is the motive behind the celebration of birthdays? On the day of our birthday, we become one year older. Yes, I agree with you, that one year of life decreases. But don’t you think, one whole year lives healthy and happy with some stress. So for this achievement celebration is required. This is the reason behind the celebration of birthdays. People do lots of planning for birthdays from many days before the birthday. But how much you do planning something always left. So here is the DIY for my birthday. Trust me this DIY will make everything easy on the birthday. Especially, when you are planning a birthday for a very special person in your life, but at the last minute, you are stuck in a mess. Like your midnight cake and flower delivery in Chennai, but because of the reason, it doesn’t deliver on time. What can save you in this situation? If you plan a gift that you want to order online from Bloomsvilla. But before ordering you, that gift becomes out of stock, then you can do it. Today, I will answer all of your queries, and I will give you a quick DIY hack, which can save you anywhere at any time.

Sprinkle birthday banner

Now, in the lots of preparation if you forget to buy a birthday banner, and the party is about to start in an hour. But you can’t go to the market and online delivery is not possible, because of a lockdown or anything. But banners are important. So now what to do. Don’t panic, go to the kid’s room, take a chart paper and pencil, ruler, and eraser. Write ” Happy Birthday(name). Take different color sprinkles and with the help of glue stick on the chart paper. I am instead of using colors to use colorful sprinkles. Within an hour, your banner is ready. If you want, you can take kids to help too.

Cake DIY

Birthdays can’t be imagined without cake. But what you will do if because of any reason birthday cake is not present. It can be any reason, maybe the cake slipped from your hand, and was destroyed. Maybe your nearby bakery shop is closed or online delivery is not available. In this situation, only homemade can save you. But you don’t have ingredients like refined flour, the essence, cocoa powder, etc. But one thing definitely will be in your home, and that is biscuits. Make biscuits cake and celebrate birthdays. It is very easy to make, and everything that is required for this cake, 24×7 available in every kitchen.

Birthday bouquet DIY

One of the best gifts for any special day is a flower bouquet, and especially for birthdays. But because of some reason, you are unable to buy the bouquet from the market, but you have promised the fresh flower bouquet, so now what you will do. I tell you, what you will do. Take some flowers from your garden, and cardboard, a white tape to stick the things, a scissor, and a white gift wrapper. Assemble the flowers together and lightly stick all the flowers together. Now, take cardboard and fold it in the shape of a cone, and stick it with the help of white tape. After that wrap the cardboard with the white wrapping paper and stick it also. Here is the half bouquet ready, now just put the flower in it, which you have assembled first. And here is your happy birthday bouquet ready.

Birthday card DIY

Everything is ready, but what about the birthday card. For this, I also have a DIY. Take a sheet from the drawing book or chart paper, and write “Happy Birthday ” or whatever, you want to say. And don’t use colors to paint it. Use pulses, if he or she is a cooking lover, use chocolate if he or she loves chocolate. This type of thing, you can use for making cards.

This DIY will definitely make your and your loved ones’ birthday special. So use these DIYs and let help your friends also with these DIY’s, and do lots of fun and party.


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