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by rohannew

As part of the Everest Festival, EBC and Ranga Camp will hold a party at the Everest 2021 Pre-Gay oriented retreat located in Guwalior, Mexico. This party will bring together gay and lesbian people who are open-minded and will be celebrating their love and pride in each other. The event is planned and promoted by volunteers from Ranga Camp, an Indian organization that aims to help and enlighten people on same sex sexual orientation. Everest organizers say they are giving a voice to the voiceless – a voice that until now has been unheard of or discriminated against.

The theme of the Everest event is centered around the story of two lovers who decide to put their relationship on hold due to the risks involved and set a course for survival. Will they reach the top of the mountain? Will they find happiness together or will their relationship be swept off the ground forever? The theme is taken from the Ram Gopal Varma movie “Clouds Depicted on the Clouds”. In the movie, clouds were represented as symbolic representations of the past, present and future.

Language English
Released Date June 23, 2015 (CineEurope)
September 18, 2015 (United States)
Duration 121minutes
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

everest 2015 subtitles

This may seem trivial to some but it is part of the theme of the actual trek which took them from one end of the Himalayan ranges to the other. A storm was in the forecast and as a result, the organizers canceled the whole trek on April Fool’s Day. Since then, preparations have started for the successful completion of the Everest trek in May/ June. The volunteers from Ranga Camp are now working on their own to complete the Camp No More Program, a twelve week program which is designed to help survivors of disasters cope with stress, personal crisis and personal loss by helping them build resilience and change.

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