Everything You’ll Ever Need To Know About Snow Blowers!

by Manish Singh

One of the most useful and altogether impressive pieces of equipment to invest in for the impending winter of 2021 is a good quality and heavy-duty snow blower.

With that in mind, here is everything you will ever need to know about snow blowers and why you should invest in one today.

Snow Blowers Explained

Snow blowers (sometime called snow throwers) are essentially a handheld machine whose sole purpose is to remove large amounts of snow from a driveway or backyard of a private home or from a business premises. Additionally, some local councils invest in a snow blower to clear public highways, roads and car parks near schools or busy superstores.

Brief History Of Snow Blowers

Snow blowers have a fascinating and altogether quite surprising history. The very first recorded electrical machine designed to clear heavy snowfall from drives, backyards and roads was invented by a chap named Arthur Sicard. Two years after first coming up with design prototype, Arthur sold the very first machine, calling it Sicard Snow Remover Snowblower’ and it was capable of moving snow over ninety feet away from the area you wish to clear.

The Right Snow Blower For You

There is a dazzling selection of snow blowers current available on the market and it can certainly be a challenging and even sometimes stressful job when setting off to the store to purchase a snow blower for you and your family. One of the most important pieces of advice when shopping for a snow blower is to start as early as possible, with the majority of top-quality snow blowers going on sale as early as October and usually selling out before the month is done.

There are three different types of snowblowers which all have their own specific strengths and, conversely, weaknesses and it is vital to choose the right snow blower for your purposes, needs and desires.

Single Stage Snow Blowers

By far the lightest of the three snow blowers available and definitely the easiest to transport from place to place is the single stage snow blower. These types are best used when needing to move a medium amount of snowfall (no more than approximately twelve inches) and are well equipped to remove both wet through and light, dryer snow. The discharge chute on a single stage snow blower can drive the unwanted snow up to thirty-five feet away from where it lies.

Two And Three Stage Snow Blowers

More powerful than the one before, two stage snow blowers are able to move even more solid and icy snow and can disperse the snow from an area in and around over sixty feet in surface coverage. The largest and, generally, the most expensive of the three types of snow blowers available is the three stage snow blower and, essentially, is the best machine to

choose when needing to regularly move a large amount of snow with a minimal amount of effort, as the powerful blower does all the work for you. It is important to note that such a snow blower is much more suited to businesses rather than individual private properties.

When using and operating your new snow blower, especially for the first time, always do a couple of pre-checks to ensure the blower is functioning correctly. Before you switch the machine on, make sure the unit contains fresh oil and that there is sufficient fuel levels contained in the tank.

Other Ways To Protect Your Home In Winter

There are a number of important and incredibly affordable ways to fully protect your home against the harsh weather conditions that winter often brings.

One of the most important tasks is to correctly and thoroughly fill in every single crack in any of your doors and windows, however small and seemingly insignificant, as such gaps not only allow for the escape of warm, heated air, they can start to cause damage when the frost and ice sets in. If your geographical location is a particularly prone to severe storms and thrashing winds and snow, it would also be an extremely pertinent idea to shrink-wrap your windows.

Before the winter properly arrives, ensure you remove any pre-installed window unit air conditioners, thoroughly insulate any exposed and uncovered pipework and ensure to disengage any hoses or other tools and equipment from any outside taps.

In terms of servicing your indoor equipment and utilities, it is an exceedingly good idea to have your boiler serviced by a reputable and professional company as well as your fireplace and chimney work.

Preparation is by far the absolute best defense system to ensuring your home and garden is thoroughly and completely protected against the winter weather elements and will save you a great deal of time, money and stress. Have a checklist written down and go to it at the start of every winter.


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