Excel to PDF: The Best Converter Online

Excel to PDF: The Best Converter Online

by Manish Singh

Excel is verified to be one of the most reliable programs used personally and for business purposes. It is distinct from other programs because it permits users to modify data precisely. The spreadsheet program has made it possible to perform accurate and quick calculation tasks. However, the forwarding of such data will require the preparation of a PDF version.

On the other hand, PDF is a prevalent file format that is viewable on every device. Converting Excel to PDFs assures the audience that they see the content precisely as planned. If your file includes confidential data that you want to secure, using a tool may be necessary. Today, you will explore some of the best Excel to PDF converters highly in demand in the market.

Best Converters for Excel to PDF


The first one on the list is GoGoPDF. This web-based tool activates a lively and user-friendly interface that allows you to perform various tasks on your servers, such as processing and organizing documents. Along with that, you can also convert Excel to PDF using a simplified four-step process that can be seen on their portal once you visit the homepage.


In this online platform, installations are no longer required for you to employ its features effectively. Like GoGoPDF, the PDFBear Excel to PDF conversion process only takes four easy-to-follow steps to complete the task and makes it simpler not to let the clients get confused in the long run. All you need to do is send your files to the server, and the rest of the steps will be handled by PDFBear.


Online2pdf.com also aims to help people meet their needs and fully resolve any difficulties, just like GoGoPDF and PDFBear. The website implements a simple conversion process without providing any extra functionality. To perform the conversion, it is necessary to upload the spreadsheets, and the rest of the works will be done by the platform.


Freepdfconverter.com is also an adequate alternative solution to converting Excels online. This well-recognized platform is known to display a simple step-by-step procedure where you transmit your preferred spreadsheet, select the format in which you require to convert to, and quickly transform with a single tap. It also has a membership option to employ the advanced tools needed to handle challenging documents.


iLovePDF is a flexible page that gives you a chance to turn multiple files into PDFs. Head on to its official homepage and tap the “Select EXCEL files” button. You can pick out the files from your Dropbox or Google Drive. You can now convert your spreadsheets to PDF after sufficient upload. Besides, you can also navigate through the various tools available on the website.


Compared to other online converters mentioned so far, Online-convert only requires three vital steps to manipulate its conversion tool. The first step is to pick out the Excel document you demand conversion. From there, the site will then generate the modified file via email sharing. Although the homepage is out of place because of details scattered around, despite that, it can still provide you the best outcome you expected to acquire.


Cometdocs is also another versatile tool that can handle formats and files over the web. The procedure is compatible with all operating systems and smartphones. Again, the process is simple, enabling you to forward Excel spreadsheets and converting them to PDF without affecting quality. Keep in mind that you need to provide your email address to receive your freshly converted portable document.


Due to Zamzar’s powerful support and a range of file formats, it is clear why the website is included as one of the best online Excel to PDF converters. With the platform’s excellent interface, it’s pretty easy to navigate through its system, preventing confusion along the way. There are also four steps you need to follow before you obtain a PDF document.

The four-step process includes the transmission of files, the selection format, the access to the email address, and, finally, the conversion step. It is good to remember that there are limitations on the file’s size being forwarded to the server, affecting the procedure if you tend to batch convert documents rather than converting a singular file.


Nowadays, you will encounter several online platforms that will offer free access to its features. However, only a few outlets such as the online conversion tools mentioned above can provide the satisfaction of finishing a task without worrying about quality and security. So if you ever need conversion and other PDF processes, feel free to use the sites referred above.

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