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by rohannew

The movie called As if Agent Leap had anything to do with the new White Savior concept of extractions, it was a rather amazing portrayal of an ethical dilemma regarding the extractions that are conducted by the US Military. In the film, Agent Leap (Martine Brodes) a newly-trained covert agent is given the task of finding and arresting a terrorist who has been sent as a representative of China to negotiate for peace between the West and Eastasia. He soon discovers that the terrorist he is seeking is an agent of the Chinese government called Lin Feng. Because of his past experiences with extreme violence, Lin Feng doesn’t want to be captured or questioned, and he believes that once he is extracted safely, he can go back to China and free his people from whatever injustices have been committed against them.

With an elite group of agents taken from other Intelligence agencies, the US Military is deployed to capture the terrorist, while using a highly-intrusive and experimental method called extraction to get them there. With the help of this super-soldier called Agent Leap, the team is able to complete the mission and extract Brodes without any harm to either him or the Chinese officials that were involved in the extraction. With this success, they are promoted into the ranks of extraction personnel and given the new code name: Extraction 2021.

Language English
Released Date 24 April 2020
Duration 117mins
Category Hollywood
File type SRT(Zip file)

extraction 2020 subtitles


One of the greatest lessons we could learn from this exciting film is that although the US Military has the best resources available for extracting someone from anywhere on the globe, they may not be the right entity or person for the extraction job. Sometimes a brown men in a white mask just looks like the good guy, but they can’t bring peace to the streets of China or North Korea. Sometimes an extract might be justified, but when it involves collateral damage or killing innocent people, it doesn’t make sense to use the methods. And sometimes a mission should be allowed to come to an end, regardless of what you call them. Just because a mission is “extraction” doesn’t mean it is any less than what we expect from our military.

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