Find The Best Products From Victory PCB

Find The Best Products From Victory PCB

by Manish Singh

Victory PCB is a Chinese company that specializes in making high-quality professional prototype PCB. They make multi-layer PCB products such as high-frequency PCBs, flexible PCBs, HDI PCB, metal core PCBs, and other types of PCBs. All the victory PCBs are made following the ISO 9001:2015 as well as IATF 16949:2016 quality acts.

Unlike some other PCB manufacturing companies, victory PCB also offers PCB assembly services plus custom-designed PCB per customers’ requests. These services are for through-holes as well as surface mount technology.

With victory PCB, you will get quick turn production for both small and medium batches with higher wiring, precision, and higher quality made for all customers. With victory PCB, you can find all of the best PCB products you may be looking for. Below are some of the products you can find.

Brief Summary

Victory PCB has been around since 2005. They have 55 QC, FQC, and QA specialists responsible for utilizing all the 100 testing devices plus advanced technology to offer quality products that will reach consumers in the best conditions.

Therefore, rest assured that you will only get quality products tested to fit different standards and their specific applications. So whether it’s for your security devices, industrial control, automotive electronics, or even communication devices, we guarantee you won’t go wrong with victory PCB.

Products From Victory PCB

Black 4-Layer PCB With 6oz Finished Copper Thickness

Some of the key features of this product include the following

  • Layer: 4 layers
  • Monthly capability: 3500sq m/month
  • Dimensions: 350.56mm*580mm
  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Min hole wall copper: ≥25UM
  • Min trace space: 14mil
  • Min hole size: 0.2mm
  • Finished board thickness: 2.3mm
  • Outer & inner layer finished copper thickness: 6oz
  • Application field: communication
  • Solder mask color: gloss black
  • Surface finishing: HAL
  • Silkscreen color: white

White And Black Double Side Depth-Control PCB For Security Devices

  • Layer: double side
  • Monthly capability: 2200sq m/month
  • Dimensions: 256.46mm*251.94mm
  • Material: FR4 TG150
  • Min trace space: 40mil
  • Min hole size: 0.8mm
  • Finished copper thickness: 2oz
  • Application field: security devices
  • Solder mask color: a black bottom with a white top
  • Surface finishing: HAL

Layer Yellow PCB Board With 1oz Finished Copper Thickness

  • Solder mask color: Yellow
  • Surface finishing: LF HAL
  • Finished copper thickness: 1oz
  • Layer: 2 layers
  • Monthly capability: 1800 sq m/month
  • Dimensions: 217.54mm*287.14mm
  • Material: FR4 TG170

10 Layer Immersion Gold PCB With 1.5oz Finished Copper Thickness

  • Layer: 10 layers
  • Monthly capability: 3900 sq m/month
  • Dimensions: 350.56mm*580mm
  • Material: FR4 TG180
  • Min hole wall copper: ≥25UM
  • Min trace space: 3.5mil
  • Min hole size: 0.2mm
  • Finished board thickness: 2.0mm
  • Outer & inner layer finished copper thickness: 1.5oz and 1oz respectively
  • Application field: industrial control
  • Solder mask color: gloss green
  • Surface finishing: immersion gold
  • Silkscreen color: white

Final Words

We have compiled just a few products for which can be used in different applications. However, there are many other victory PCB products you can check here Victory PCB comes with numerous advantages should you choose to invest in their products. You will get products ranging from rigid, flex, rigid-flex, multi-layer, single-sided, AL-base, double-sided, among other PCBs of your choice.

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